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The future of wealth in South Africa

The ideal future client is a black millennial woman.

Deploying technology in business

Many financial advisory firms are still paper-driven and non-automated, and are working with poor-quality data and fragmented systems.

Prepare for the decade to come

Future-proofing FPI by putting members first.

Client before compliance

How to future-proof in the new regulatory environment.

Encouraging women to invest more

Q&A with Sonja Saunderson, Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments.

Financial planning while a storm is raging

People are scared, confused and vulnerable. We believe that this is your time to shine.

Humans Under Management

Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services at Fundhouse, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on your client’s financial plan.

How would you like to die?

The Covid-19 pandemic is serving as a wake-up call to us all. Suddenly the prospect of being very unwell and potentially dying sooner than...

The advisor’s advisor

Meet the Founder of the Centre for Financial Planning Studies.

Fuller service, instant contact

Profile Media announces investor ebooks.