The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa’s retirement and investment webinar: August 2023

Relevant and topical trends to be discussed at the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa’s retirement and investment webinar.

Financial Planning retirement webinar

In keeping up with the times in the retirement and investment space, the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) will be hosting an online webinar covering topics ranging from incorporating Crypto into a client portfolio and using guaranteed annuity as an asset class when structuring retirement.  

We will be having an impressive line-up of subject matter experts for this full day conference on 30 August 2023, where the following topics will be covered:

  1. Crypto – Hugo van Vuuren
  2. Secure in risk: Diversification with a life annuity, a new asset class to enhance retirement income – Martiens Barnard
  3. Friends: The one about Psychology and AI – Paul Nixon, CFP®
  4. Two-pot from an administration planning and trustees’ perspective – Geraldine Fowler and Nancy Andrews
  5. Two-pot system: Unpacking opaque and discretionary elements – Andrea Bezuidenhout
  6. Investments, taxation and income longevity: The devil is in the detail – Tiaan Herselman, CFP®

The fees for the webinar are R 850.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual for FPI designated members (CFP®, RFP™, FSA™), R 1 150.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual for non-members and R 850.00 (inclusive of vat) per individual for Bulk Bookings (bulk booking requires 10 booked at once).

Registration for this online webinar closes on 25 August at 15h00, and payment needs to reflect or be sent by 21 August at 17h00. A link will be sent to all paid up registrants beforehand to join the live session. A recording will also be made available for those who cannot attend on the day. 


Hugo van Vuuren  

  • Why would an investment manager want to include Crypto in a Portfolio
  • Crypto potential from here
  • Risks of crypto market
  • Best ways to invest in Crypto
  • Asset allocation 

Paul Nixon, CFP® 
Friends: The One About Psychology and AI

Undoubtedly a key success factor of the sitcom that ran for a decade and 236 episodes was the strong personalities of each character. Using the ‘Big 5’ in trait psychology we easily come up with very different profiles and behaviours for each character. Rachel was the highly spontaneous and social one (highly extraverted). When she flew to London to tell Ross she loved him when he was marrying Emily though, she wasn’t thinking about the consequences of her actions (low conscientiousness). This is the same trait that helped kids leave the marshmallow on the table and get a second one, and also the same trait that makes some of us much better at saving than others. Join us for this webinar where you learn about the personalities and likely money behaviours of your favourite character and by extension yourself. Yes, your favourite ‘friend’ reveals a lot about you too. We’ll also chat about how Friends was used in the famous EmotionX challenge to train an AI to sniff out human emotion. 

Geraldine Fowler and Nancy Andrews (IRFA)
Two-pot from an administration, planning and trustees perspective

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) will provide an overview of the two-pot system followed by some thoughts on the type of activities each of the following participants in the retirement sector would need to consider for the implementation of the two-pot system:

  • Retirement Fund Administrators
  • Advisors, both group (EB) and individual advisors
  • Trustees of retirement funds 

Martiens Barnard
Secure in risk: Diversification with a life annuity, a new asset class to enhance retirement income 

To date, retirees had the primary options of investing in a living annuity or purchasing a life annuity, of which the living annuity has been the more popular option, especially for larger investment amounts. Yet, choosing a living annuity left retirees with significant market and longevity risk. This view of providing for retirement income is fragmented and does not consider the efficiencies that can be created when using a life annuity as an asset class within a living annuity. The presentation shows that the required income from a living annuity to maintain a reasonable standard of living can be extended by as much as a decade and even longer. This is done when harnessing risk in an efficient manner by hedging the primary retirement income risks. This is achieved by adding a life annuity as an asset class in a diversified portfolio.

Andrea Bezuidenhout
Two pot system – unpacking opaque and discretionary elements

Andrea will talk about the discretionary and opaque aspects of the two-pots legislation – including some of the ‘nitty gritties’ not clearly spelled out in the legislation, such as:

  • Where does trustee discretion lay (for example extent of seed capital allowed in fund rules, investment strategy)
  • Where member discretion lay (for example provident fund members over 58 who can opt out, transfer of benefits on exit, transfer of savings pot to retirement pot on retirement)
  • How would public sector (paragraph a) funds be impacted
  • Impact of two pot system on DB underpins and dependants pension benefits on death of a member
  • Impact of two pots on 2 DB benefits 

Tiaan Herselman, CFP®
Investments, taxation and income longevity: The devil is in the detail

Clients tend to focus a lot of their attention on factors such as performance, market movements, etc. when evaluating their investments. None of these external factors are within their control. When considering income longevity and retirement planning, clients have different investment vehicles available to them to save into. These range from retirement funds (retirement annuities, pension funds, provident funds, etc.) to liquid investments (unit trusts, endowments, tax free investments, etc.). The selection of the most appropriate investment vehicle for each client is within our control and can add significant value over the long-term. In this session we will consider which investments are most appropriate for which clients based on their different incomes and tax rates. The session is meant to inspire debate, possibly challenge existing thinking and open up discussions for more thought leadership on this topic. 

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