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Profile Media announces investor ebooks.


Profile Media announced on 24 February that the latest issue of the popular Stock Exchange Handbook – Issue 1 2020 is now also available as an electronic book (ebook).

Profile Media is a subsidiary of information publisher Profile Group, a leading South African supplier of data feeds and customised data solutions for financial markets participants.

Ernie Alexander, Profile Group chairman, says: “Traditional books still have a place in the market, they smell and feel good, can easily be shared, are easier to give as a gift but cost more, and are preferred by older generations. There is also some evidence that ebooks have recently lost sales to a re-emergence of print, but the full potential of the ebook remains untapped.

“The new ebook of the Stock Exchange Handbook, which includes JSE and other exchanges listed companies, stockbrokers and other financial intermediaries, will offer advertising customers a click through from advertising giving the customer a fuller service and instant contact with advertisers.”

The ebook is positioned between Profile’s interactive digital products and its traditional print media and will add a value proposition to its customers without extra costs. Profile’s Unit Trusts & Collective Investments handbook will be available soon in an ebook. Alexander believes fund managers and advertisers will enjoy the participative experience of having instant access to their websites, which will hopefully entice unit trust investment and sales.

Get access to the Stock Exchange Handbook – Issue 1 2020 ebook here: http://www.profile.co.za/shb/