The evolution of Momentum

Blue Chip speaks to Hymne Landman, head of Momentum Wealth and Momentum Wealth International at Momentum Investments about how they continuously fulfil their aim of meeting clients’ expectations in a prompt, service-led and value-added manner.


Hymne, please provide an overview of Momentum Wealth International.

Momentum Wealth International (MWI) provides an offshore investment platform for South African and international clients and provides a true offshore investment experience, diversification from local solutions with exposure to multiple global markets and solutions that offer leading estate planning and tax benefits. We follow a personal approach in partnering with specialised financial advisors to help them assist clients with their offshore investment needs and thereby build successful advice businesses.

The MWI business is managed and directed by a core team of experienced specialists in Guernsey. Much of the day-to-day operation of the business is outsourced to South Africa.

Why partner with Momentum Wealth InternationaI?

We are an intermediary-driven business with a relentless focus on financial advisors. Long-term partnerships lie at the heart of our purpose. We seek to help advisors grow their businesses by providing products, services and tools that enable them to deliver exemplary client service and performance in line with their clients’ expectations.

Our extensive capability set enables flexibility and personalisation for advisors and their clients and we provide ongoing, on-demand support. The flexibility that our multi-licence business provides and years of experience in offering truly offshore investment solutions, has given us key skills and knowledge that we use to support clients’ offshore planning requirements. Our approach is based on using the latest technology and focusing resources where we can add the most value to our advisors and their clients.

Key benefits of the Momentum Wealth International platform:

  • Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their money is based in a highly regulated jurisdiction that complies with international standards in matters such as anti-money laundering, countering financing of terrorism and tax reporting. Depending on the product, international investments allow for multiple contract owners, insured persons, beneficiaries and successors and enabling optimal estate planning structures. 
  • Access to experts on offshore investing, offshore wills, and foreign trusts. 
  • Access to world-leading international solutions: the minimum lump sum investment amount of USD18 000 (or currency equivalent) on our endowment solution is the lowest entry level for a true offshore platform solution in the market. 
  • Investment choice and flexibility: the only South African offshore platform to offer such an extensive list of international exchange-traded funds (ETFs) directly on the platform and within discretionary investment managed portfolios.
  • Easily monitor and manage investments online using the latest technology.
  • We offer multiple currency reporting, including United States dollar, Euro and Sterling with additional currencies available on our international investment product.
    Please outline MWI’s investment solutions for South Africans.

MWI offers clients two investment options within which their investment solutions can be packaged to meet their unique needs. The International Investment Option (IIO) is designed for clients with a medium- to long-term investment horizon who require maximum flexibility and easy access to their offshore investment portfolio whenever they need it.

The International Endowment Option (IEO) is an insurance product, offered by Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited Guernsey branch and administered by Momentum Wealth International Limited. The IEO is the ideal vehicle for clients wishing to invest offshore for the medium to long term. The product offers highly compelling estate planning features, an efficient tax structure and a wide range of investment components, including ETFs and listed global shares.

We also offer clients our own international outcome-based solutions:

  • Momentum Global Cautious Fund
  • Momentum Global Managed Fund
  • Momentum Global Growth Fund

Momentum Wealth International offers the following investment component capabilities:

  • Offshore unit trusts: Open architecture with unparalleled choice to build a portfolio to meet the client’s exact requirements, with more than 1 200 offshore funds across a wide spectrum of geographies, asset classes and mandates. This range includes a comprehensive range of Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)-approved funds.
  • Model portfolios: The platform supports model portfolios with multi- or single-currency underlying investment components that are managed by designated investment managers. A contract can also comprise multiple model portfolios from different discretionary investment managers. The platform provides access to more than 20 managers.
  • ETFs: The inclusion of ETFs broadens diversification opportunities and choice in a cost-efficient manner – around 50 ETFs, quoted on the London Stock Exchange, tracking a broad range of global indices, including FSCA-approved ETFs.
  • International personal share portfolios: Clients can hold a single share or a portfolio of multiple shares via an international stockbroker.

MWI is based in Guernsey. What are the benefits of Guernsey as a domicile?

As a leading offshore investment centre, Guernsey offers first-class infrastructure for the structuring, management, administration and custody of investment funds, offering valuable investor protection. This means that investments stay domiciled in Guernsey, regardless of where a client currently lives or decides to live in the future.

What are the tax laws in Guernsey?

Guernsey is a self-funding and self-governed jurisdiction which has its own legislature that allows it to determine its own laws, including taxation. This means investors in Guernsey financial products are not subject to Guernsey taxation at source. Prospective investors should inform themselves as to the legal requirements and tax consequences within the countries of their citizenship, residence, domicile and place of business.

Let’s talk about the evolution of platforms. How will the partnership between Momentum Wealth, both for its local and international platforms, and FNZ shift the platform landscape in South Africa?

As a platform partner to thousands of advisors and clients both locally and abroad, we have a responsibility to continually optimise our platforms through technology innovation.

The role of technology, the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the effect of the broader investment industry all play a part in shaping the platform of the future. Of course, the evolutionary needs of financial advisors and the trends shaping advice models in South Africa and globally remain a key driver of business strategies of investment platforms.

We value the importance of financial advice and I believe that successful platforms will be those that can enable seamless integration with advice practices, support the creation of efficiencies and offer stronger outcomes when compared to their competitors. This is one of the key reasons why Momentum Wealth has partnered with a global, experienced wealth management partner such as FNZ.

The increasingly competitive landscape will force financial services firms to decide which aspects of the value chain will be core to their differentiation and which could be best delivered through strategic partnerships.

This is exactly what we have done as part of our process to match our strengths with the evolving needs of financial advice firms. At Momentum Wealth, we will continue to invest in our differentiating advantages, with the needs of financial advisors, their businesses and clients at the heart, while partnering with FNZ to enable capabilities that has a less favourable outlook for differentiation.

We are designing a platform and proposition that will materially shift our platform industry to the benefit of all stakeholders. And we are moving fast.