15 November 2023



How will COFI impact FSP representatives?

Representatives must still make the paradigm shift to optimise technology to ensure that they will be able to cope and excel before, during and after COFI is implemented, writes Anton Swanepoel, Trusted Advisor....


There is always the next big thing

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Matthew Molyneux, Fundhouse, explains that recognising and capitalising on investment themes frequently results in favourable outcomes for investors....

Thought Leaders


Terence Tobin, CFP®| Financial Planner Profile

Blue Chip speaks to Terence Tobin, CFP®, Director at Rich Ideas Group, about his journey as a Certified Financial Planner®....
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Financial advice – the career of choice for young professionals and the SA economy

Aubrey Faba, Channel Director at Momentum Financial Planning, highlights the rising appeal of careers in financial advice for this new generation. Known as the "slasher generation" for juggling multiple roles, these young professionals can find meaningful and financially rewarding opportunities as financial advisers....

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Five ways a financial adviser can help you on your journey to success this savings month 

As we embark on Savings Month, it's crucial to consider the role of sound financial planning in achieving our goals, says Bertie Nel, Momentum Head of Financial Planning and Advice....
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Are you covered for a rising age and declining health? 

Stephen van Niekerk, from Momentum Life Insurance, highlights how life insurance is an integral part of a holistic financial plan as you age. ...
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Here’s why business owners should work with independent financial advisers

Stian De Witt from NMG Benefits explains why business owners should consider using an independent financial advisor instead of a ‘tied agent’....

Removing the jargon from your investment goals

Florbela Yates, Head of Equilibrium, discusses the robustness of South Africa’s financial investment protections, covering the risks and defenses linked to banks, insurance firms, and unit trusts, and the role of LISPs in controlling and securing investments....
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Life after work

Rudolph Geldenhuys CFP®, WealthUp, presents a 3 step framework to assist your clients during life transitions like retirement....
Chris Willis, Research Analyst, Melville Douglas

AI: an approach that will power change in almost every industry

Chris Willis, a Research Analyst at Melville Douglas, states that although artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a prominent topic, it seemed distant to many until it became widely accessible in 2023....


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