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Discovery Invest announces new investment solution

Discovery Invest has partnered with Goldman Sachs Asset Management to introduce a new opportunity giving access to a range of thematic equity portfolios designed to give exposure to global megatrends.

Why is digital infrastructure so important for real estate investing?

Tom Walker, Co-Head of Global Real Estate Securities at Schroders, analyses the role of digital infrastructure as the foundation and enabler of the digital economy, and concludes that the digital revolution offers a compelling, long-term global investment opportunity.

The new home of Momentum Investments

Fränzo Friedrich, Head of Marketing, describes the new Momentum Investments website, which contains a wealth of information that will help financial advisers, individuals and businesses navigate the world of investing, and help them make smarter choices.

The future of investing

Grant Locke, Head of OUTvest, describes how OUTvest helps financial advisors streamline the way they do business and thereby scale their advice practice, with a powerful white-label investment platform, designed from the ground up to focus on helping investors achieve their objectives.

How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating the need for new...

In this, the first of a four-part miniseries, Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest, delves into the digital disruption of work and why it is contributing to an urgent need for a paradigm shift when it comes to planning for financial freedom.  

Snakes and ladders – the industry technology integration game

The ability for a business to be able to make best-of-breed technology decisions is spectacularly enhanced by its integration options. Jen McKay, Director at Linktank, believes it is fair to say that such a technology model cannot sustainably endure without integration.

“DO sweat the small stuff”: How ESG missteps impact future performance

New research supports the view that companies that neglect stakeholders pose greater risks to investors. In this article, Katherine Davidson, Portfolio Manager and Global Sector Specialist at Schroders, expounds on the research and emphasises why 'corporate karma' is crucial for your investment returns.

Momentum Institute of Financial Planning intends to attract youth and pave...

Momentum recently announced the launch of its new Momentum Institute of Financial Planning (MIFP). Aubrey Faba, Red Channel Director at Momentum Financial Planning, says that this new institute is aimed at recruiting more young people to the financial services industry.

What to look for in a DFM partner

Florbela Yates, Head of Momentum Investment Consulting (MIC) unpacks the reasons why many financial advisers partner with a Discretionary Fund Manager and why it’s important to ensure that the DFM you select offers a professional service and can assist with all the services that you require.

It’s not about the fees

For many financial planners the issue of fees has become a critical issue and they are struggling with how they charge for their work. In this article, Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services at Fundhouse, addresses the issue of fees, especially with reference to our perception of the value we add as professionals.