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Navigating a changing landscape

Blue Chip chats with David Crosoer, Chief Investment Officer at PPS Investments, about the opportunities and challenges investors are having to navigate across the investment landscape.
Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments

What is impacting the investment landscape? 

Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments, explores the key elements that shape investment decisions and strategies.
Sarah Love, CFP®, FPSA®, TEP, Fiduciary Practitioner, Private Client Trust

Who do you trust with your digital information?

Who do you trust to access your digital information, if something happens to you? A question posed by Sarah Love, CFP®, FPSA®, TEP, Fiduciary Practitioner at Private Client Trust.
HUM South Africa 2024

HUM South Africa 2024: Show 14

HUM South Africa 2024 Tickets are now available for purchase.
Mothering and money with Momentum

Mothering & Money 

Jessica Pillay, a Momentum Financial Adviser, stresses the importance of teaching children about debt, future planning, handling life milestones, avoiding scams, and learning from mistakes. By starting with basics like budgeting and saving, mothers can empower their children to make sound financial decisions for a secure future.
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Profiling financial planners

Ever wondered how others in the profession think, what their perspectives are or how they charge their clients? Blue Chip speaks to CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® and gives you the inside scoop.
group of border guard (BMA)

Protection through coordination

The newly formed Border Management Authority has quickly set to work. The BMA operates in a coordinated approach to manage and control movement at our borders
Walkers in the Mkambathi region of the Pondoland MPA. Credit: Doug Lang

Marine protected areas are a massive ecotourism drawcard

The MPA Day Committee, comprising representatives from nine organisations, issued this article about Marine Protected Areas to draw attention to the huge potential that these areas hold for the tourism sector.
Coronation two-pot reform

Two-pot reform: Resist the urge to access your retirement annuity savings...

"Understand that any withdrawal is a costly advance on your ultimate retirement benefit" writes Pieter Koekemoer, head of Personal Investments at Coronation.
Annual shareholders meetings need a shake-up

Annual shareholder meetings need a shake-up, but how? 

Shareholder meetings are often uninspiring but they are essential for shareholder democracy. We consider how they could be revamped to better serve the needs of all stakeholders writes Tim Goodman, Schroders.