19 May 2023
Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter, where we are delighted to present valuable insights from distinguished thought leaders, Francois du Toit, Founder of Propulsion, and Michael Frantzeskou, Director. In this edition, we delve into enhancing future self-continuity to improve retirement savings behavior, an analysis of the impact of China's reopening on the global economy, and the significance of wealth-boosting retirement security that begins on campus. We also discuss global investment opportunities and present two round table features on DFM and Retirement Planning. Additionally, we highlight two significant events to note: Humans Under Management 2023 and Meet the Managers 2023. We hope you find this edition informative and useful.



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Barriers to entry for women must be unlocked

The renewable energy sector is powering ahead, but Linda Mabhena-Olagunju of DLO Energy Resources Group says that more must be done to include women....


The future of retirement planning: two-pot system insights

In an era marked by ever-changing career trajectories and unforeseen financial challenges, the preservation of retirement savings has become an increasingly pressing concern...


Is the future still bright for the Super-7? 

After a strong year for the big US technology stocks, investors will be wondering what the future holds. We see some challenges, but also reasons for optimism. ...

Thought Leaders

Head of Equilibrium

Consider paying off debt prior to retirement

Coming to the end of your working career requires a step up in terms of financial planning, says Florbela Yates, Head of Equilibrium....

Technology innovation: the one thing that changes everything in an onerous regulatory environment

Few advisors, if any, will argue that technology plays an essential part in managing an effective, efficient and profitable business. In this article, Anton Swanepoel, Founder at Trusted Advisor, focusses on the significance of technology innovation and the impact that it will continue to have on FSPs as we brace ourselves for COFI....

More Features

Unveiling the magic of social media for financial advisors

Social media possesses a magical allure – an enigmatic realm of wonder, a captivating escape from reality and a conduit for connection. Yet, within this captivating realm, financial advisors often grapple with a curious conundrum: the struggle to effectively harness the potential of social media and online communication....
The 7 Pillars of Financial Health by Rob Macdonald

The 7 Pillars of Financial Health – Partnering with a Professional to Thrive

Blue Chip interviews the author of The 7 Pillars of Financial Health, Rob Macdonald....

Deepening trade ties with member states

South Africa, represented by SACCI, is chairing the Trade and Investment Working Group of the BRICS Business Council....
AI meeting minutes.

Effortless meeting minutes using AI

Blue Chip spoke to Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Connect and creator of AgendaWorx, about three board portal Artificial Intelligence automation tools that will help you transform your minutes process....


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Featured podcast

Round Table Series

Retirement Planning – Round Table Discussion

Join us for an exclusive round table discussion with four of the country’s top investment and financial planning professionals, focused on retirement planning and guiding clients to financial independence....


Three ways in which the energy industry must change and what this could mean for investors

Mark Lacey, Head of Global Resource Equities at Schroders, examines three ways in which the energy industry has to evolve in order for the energy transition to materialise, and how equity investors could benefit....


Investment Moments with Momentum Investments

Investment Moments Podcast
We discuss all things investments with financial experts to present you with insights that you can discuss with your clients to help them achieve their goals....


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