Elevating client service in wealth advisory: the Seed Analytics solution

Andries de Jongh answers the question "how can advisors differentiate themselves consistently throughout the year?".


In the competitive world of wealth management, advisors often only have a few chances a year to prove their mettle – primarily during the annual review. Betting your practice’s success on these rare touch points is a risky strategy. This situation prompts the question: how can advisors differentiate themselves consistently throughout the year?

The competitive landscape

Wealth advisors must understand that they operate in a competitive market with rivalry. Clients are willing to jump ship at the slightest hint of better service elsewhere. This is why referrals are golden; they prove that one advisor can offer superior service. To stand out, advisors need to do two things:

  1. Provide value in every interaction.
  2. Increase the frequency of these value-added touch points.

But herein lies the challenge. Consistently delivering these value-generating touch points absorbs considerable time – a resource better spent on growing the business and managing existing portfolios. Advisors often end up increasing their back-office staff to handle this load, inadvertently hiking operational costs.

How can advisors differentiate themselves consistently throughout the year?

The advantage

The true solution to this dilemma is leveraging best-of-breed technology. Seed Analytics comes to the rescue by offering 12 meaningful touch points in the form of monthly, white-labelled consolidated investment statements. These custom-branded statements not only keep clients updated on their investments but also elevate the advisor’s brand. When clients receive these statements, they associate the value they’ve just gained with their advisor, reinforcing loyalty and trust. Advisors can offer this service simply by hiring more back-office staff, but that would be expensive compared to Seed Analytics’ offering. Furthermore, the back-office approach increases business complexity. More staff demand more time from the advisor. The technology-driven approach Seed Analytics offers allows advisors to focus on what really matters – growing their client base and funds under management – while also providing an elevated level of service that sets them apart from the competition.

Adopting Seed Analytics is not merely a way to provide a higher level of service; it is a strategic move to de-risk and scale the business. In a market where the difference between gaining and losing a client can be as simple as the frequency and quality of touch points, Seed Analytics offers a robust, cost-effective solution for advisors committed to excellence.

Seed Analytics reduces advisor admin burden by producing white-labelled, monthly consolidated portfolio statements, rebalancing tools and book reports for wealth advisors. 

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