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Superior strategy

Blue Chip speaks to Brendan de Jongh, Head of Research at PortfolioMetrix, about their Sustainable World Equity Fund of Funds launching in South Africa.

A first for South Africa

Oliver Jones is an investment analyst in the asset management team at PortfolioMetrix in the UK. He is responsible for the fund selection processes across the PortfolioMetrix Sustainable World range of portfolios. Blue Chip spoke to him about the equity fund that is headed our way.

Specialists win Gold

While strategic asset allocation has the greatest impact on the performance of a portfolio, selecting the best specialists in the world to manage those underlying asset classes is a critical source of alpha, which compounds with time.

The dominant asset management model in SA is going to change

In a market where portfolios are progressively becoming more internationalised, asset managers in South Africa will need to find a niche.