inflationary pressures on stock

Which areas of the equity market might perform best should inflationary...

According to Tina Fong and Ben Read of Schroders, investors may need to reassess how they position their portfolios if inflation falls back as expected over the course of this year and next.
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Why choose semi-liquid funds for investing in renewable infrastructure? 

There are more opportunities for private investors to access renewable energy investments today, write Duncan Hale and Jack Wasserman of Schroders.
Annual shareholders meetings need a shake-up

Annual shareholder meetings need a shake-up, but how? 

Shareholder meetings are often uninspiring but they are essential for shareholder democracy. We consider how they could be revamped to better serve the needs of all stakeholders writes Tim Goodman, Schroders.
Nkosi Kondi, Country Head - South Africa, Schroders

Could smaller companies have a bright spot despite a gloomy environment?

While it’s important to be mindful that investment performance can be hit by increasing the allocation to smaller companies too early, it’s prudent to ensure you have a seat at the table to avoid missing out on small-cap performance, which often arrives suddenly writes Nkosi Kondi, Country Head South Africa, Schroders.
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Will June be the month when all three of the BoE,...

The Bank of England, US Federal Reserve, and European Central Bank have maintained their interest rates this month, but market expectations are now leaning towards cutting rates in June say Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist & Strategist at Schroders.
Duncan Lamont, Head of Strategic Research, Schroders

Investing in new highs.

While many investors may feel nervous about the potential for a fall, Schroders analysis of stock market returns since 1926 shows that investing at a new high can be profitable.

Fed is at cruising altitude, but still awaiting clearance to land 

Investors have fastened their seatbelts in anticipation of an imminent descent in US rates. But sticky wage growth is likely to keep a cautious FOMC in a holding pattern until later in the year.

Is the future still bright for the Super-7? 

Alex Tedder, the Head of Global & Thematic Equities at Schroders, states that after a strong year for the big US technology stocks, investors will be wondering what the future holds. We see some challenges, but also reasons for optimism.

Why we’ve slashed our Chinese growth forecast 

Economic forecasting can be a thankless task, and the latest round of revisions to our expectations for China came with a large portion of humble pie, says David Rees, Senior Emerging Markets Economist, Schroders
China deflation

Has China finally slid into a debt/deflation spiral?

Although weaker Chinese domestic demand is causing concern, this may not be the start of a long-term economic depression, writes David Rees, Senior Emerging Markets Economist at Schroders.