How to invest in disruptive companies

Disruption is an investment theme that investors should be paying close attention to. It has strong long-term growth potential and lacks correlation to broader market indices. By Alex Tedder, Head of Global and Thematic Equities, Schroders

Has value’s ship sailed?

Value’s recent strong performance has led many investors to question whether they’ve missed the boat. Simon Adler, Global Value Fund Manager at Schroders, explains why Schroders believe there are plenty of places to find genuine value in today’s market for the active investor. 

What is the post-pandemic outlook for Asian shares?

Asia’s response to the pandemic served it well in 2020. However, Schroders research indicates that with a risk of bubbles developing in some areas, investors will need to be agile in their stockpicking.

What holds South Africans back from investing offshore?

Your offshore investing questions answered by Ebeth van Heerden, Head of Intermediary South Africa, Schroders.

The investor’s dilemma: do sustainable funds need a digital detox?

Tech companies are blamed for many problems in our society. Schroders fund manager Katherine Davidson considers whether a digital detox should be on the cards.

What can investors expect from the Year of the Ox?

As the new Lunar Year ushers in the Year of the Ox, we check in on the China outlook

Has Covid-19 changed the conversation around sustainable investing?

The pandemic brought companies’ treatment of their stakeholders into sharp focus. We ask three investment experts what the impact has been on sustainable investing and what it means for the future

Why sustainability matters to global cities

Despite a reputation for air pollution and high consumption, global cities can be a force for good in terms of sustainability, as Schroders fund manager, Tom Walker, tells us in this Q&A

Meet Kondi Nkosi, Country Head, Schroders, South Africa

Blue Chip caught up with Kondi Nkosi, County Head of Schroders South Africa to find out what is happening in the offshore investment sphere

Schroders launches dynamic offshore opportunity for local investors

Schroders has launched an FSCA-approved international fund designed specifically for South African investors who would like to access a flexible multi-asset portfolio.