Is it time to head back to frontier?

Frontier markets have evolved, so too have the investment opportunities. Schroders explains how the investment case for frontier markets have evolved and why, after some years in the investment wilderness, they believe the future is brighter for frontier markets.

Schroders’ October Global Markets Perspective podcast, South Africa

Schroders’ latest Global Markets Perspective podcast with Philip Robotham, Head of Intermediary, South Africa, who is joined by Simon Adler, Fund Manager, Equity Value, to discuss global equities from a value perspective.

Why is the UK investment climate so hot right now?

UK companies have shrugged off the gloom of recent years and have become the target of considerable interest from international buyers. Schroders' Rory Bateman looks at some of the exciting opportunities created by the surge of new listings.

China: what zero tolerance, supply chain disruption and floods mean for...

Floods, supply chain issues, and renewed Covid-19 restrictions may be temporary but David Rees, Senior Emerging Markets Economist at Schroders, explains why Schroders still expects a cyclical slowdown to follow.

Why is digital infrastructure so important for real estate investing?

Tom Walker, Co-Head of Global Real Estate Securities at Schroders, analyses the role of digital infrastructure as the foundation and enabler of the digital economy, and concludes that the digital revolution offers a compelling, long-term global investment opportunity.

“DO sweat the small stuff”: How ESG missteps impact future performance

New research supports the view that companies that neglect stakeholders pose greater risks to investors. In this article, Katherine Davidson, Portfolio Manager and Global Sector Specialist at Schroders, expounds on the research and emphasises why 'corporate karma' is crucial for your investment returns.

What 73 years of multi-asset investing has taught us

Much has changed in financial markets over the last 73 years since Schroders launched its first balanced mandate, but there are several lessons we can take from past experience. They could be helpful in navigating the future, writes Ugo Montrucchio.

How to invest in disruptive companies

Alex Tedder, Head of Global and Thematic Equities at Schroders, looks at disruption as an investment theme that investors should be paying close attention to. It has strong long-term growth potential and lacks correlation to broader market indices.

Has value’s ship sailed?

Value’s recent strong performance has led many investors to question whether they’ve missed the boat. Simon Adler, Global Value Fund Manager at Schroders, explains why Schroders believe there are plenty of places to find genuine value in today’s market for the active investor. 

What is the post-pandemic outlook for Asian shares?

Asia’s response to the pandemic served it well in 2020. However, Schroders research indicates that with a risk of bubbles developing in some areas, investors will need to be agile in their stockpicking.