Built for better advice – Pitch perfect: How to be better...

In this episode, Iress talks to financial planning coach Yvonne Killian from Old Mutual Wealth and Jason Bernic of Insane! Prospecting about how financial advisers can build their confidence and their businesses by becoming better at prospecting.

Customer-centric software to grow your financial business

The evolution of software means clients expect “always on” access to data to make informed decisions about their finances. But as an advisor, where is your competitive advantage when technology already enables easy access to information?

Using technology to grow your financial planning business

In this episode we talk to Jen McKay (Linktank) and Francois du Toit (PROpulsion) on how to implement technology successfully and digitise ways of working to grow your business. We will include everything from data aggregation to paperless client management.

Deploying technology in business

Many financial advisory firms are still paper-driven and non-automated, and are working with poor-quality data and fragmented systems. Understanding where the inefficiencies lie is the first step in making changes to ensure future sustainability.