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Greig Phillips, Investment Specialist, Fundhouse

The growing threat of cybercrime

Cybercrime has emerged as a significant threat in today’s digital age, affecting both individuals and corporations on a global scale. In this article, Greig Phillips, Investment Specialist at Fundhouse, delves into the intricate world of cybercrime.
Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments

Unlocking hyper personalisation: AI’s role in redefining customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping us to gain a deeper understanding of investors to provide a better customer experience, writes Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments.
How technology advances the financial planning industry

Get ready for the greatest wave of technological innovation

Francois du Toit, PROpulsion, encourages financial planners to be at the forefront of the technological revolution by understanding AI’s potential and preparing for its integration in the financial planning industry.

Investing in machine learning research 

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that offers many potential applications in investment management and related fields, writes Eugene Botha, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments.

Intelligence: the emotional and the artificial

Emotional intelligence gives us the edge that will allow us to coexist and not resist artificial intelligence.
Photo of Francois du toit_ Founder and Head of Content and Sales_Propulsion

Technology and the customer experience

Francois du Toit, the CFP and founder of PROpulsion provides advice to financial advisors and planners who want to keep up with the significant transformation of the financial planning industry.

The Bermuda Triangle of change in the future of financial advice

Tiaan Herselman likens the complex landscape of the financial planning profession to the Bermuda triangle. This triangle consists of three interconnected elements; automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and the fascinating field of behavioral sciences.

Technology innovation: the one thing that changes everything in an onerous regulatory...

Few advisors, if any, will argue that technology plays an essential part in managing an effective, efficient and profitable business. In this article, Anton Swanepoel, Founder at Trusted Advisor, focusses on the significance of technology innovation and the impact that it will continue to have on FSPs as we brace ourselves for COFI.
AI meeting minutes.

Effortless meeting minutes using AI

Blue Chip spoke to Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Connect and creator of AgendaWorx, about three board portal Artificial Intelligence automation tools that will help you transform your minutes process.

How big is your shield against AI?

The question perhaps is not whether AI can replace financial advisors, but will it or in what circumstances will it? Asks Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments