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Getting SARS to sponsor your retirement

Pieter Albertyn, Head of Product Solutions at Momentum Investo, says it is a lost opportunity not to invest in a retirement product.
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Smart money moves to make when bracing for a recession

Momentum Financial Planning recommends four smart money moves for South Africans to safeguard household finances during the current technical recession.
money matters in love

Why money matters in love – the art of ‘financial dating’

“Too many couples are not taking financial compatibility into account,” says Janine Horn, Financial Adviser at Momentum.
Interest rates explained

In the interest of interest: how rising interest rates affect your...

Interest rates have been rising consistently worldwide and it doesn’t look like this trend is going to stop anytime soon says Momentum Financial Planning
Savings Jar

The four steps you need to take towards saving for the...

When it comes to our finances, saving is the reason we plan, but South Africans are finding saving to be an unattainable goal, says Janine Horn, Financial Planner at Momentum Financial Planning.

Financial Planning in your 30s

When we participate in money activities we realise that we have the agency and the autonomy to take our financial futures into our own hands. That power, once we journey into the positive financial framework, can be phenomenal. Momentum Financial Planning speaks of four quadrants in the Financial Wellness framework

Your side hustle should improve your financial security

Janine Horn, Momentum Financial Adviser, explains that the number of South Africans who have turned to side hustles has increased significantly in recent years.
Crunching numbers

Avoid nasty investment habits driven by fear

South Africans are dipping into precious investment and savings reserves to cope. We should avoid investments habits driven by fear, says Janine Horn, Financial Adviser at Momentum Financial Planning.

Drowning in debt? Here are your options

Momentum Financial Planner, Janine Horn, offers some advice for those who are struggling to make debt repayments. She advises talking with an accredited financial adviser to provide clarity and comfort in these trying times.

Giving young financial advisors the momentum they need to succeed

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you are young and driven and if you are ready to grow a nation, then Momentum has a cutting-edge opportunity for you.