How advisors are benefitting from partnering with a DFM

A growing number of financial advisors in South Africa are starting to use discretionary fund managers to help them manage their clients’ funds in the complex world of fund management, says Methula Sikakana, Business Development Manager, Equilibrium

How we approach investments and the rationale for using a DFM

As an advisor, I believe that my role is not to avoid risk, but rather to understand the relationship between risk and reward and to manage risk(s) appropriately, relative to the objectives of the portfolio.

Choosing a Discretionary Fund Manager

A partnership with a DFM not only saves the advisor an enormous amount of time, but also ensures that all the investment considerations are met, says Florbela Yates, Head of Equilibrium
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Use your discretion

Kobus Kleyn, CFP®, Tax and Fiduciary Practitioner at Kainos Wealth explains the pros and cons of outsourcing investment management to a discretionary fund manager in South Africa.

DFM – Round Table Discussion

Join us for an exclusive round table discussion with four of the country’s top investment and financial planning professionals, focused on Discretionary Fund Managers and how advisors can best utilise their services.
2023 crystal ball

What does the crystal ball show for 2023

Clients commonly seek yearly guidance on the future of investing, including trends, best opportunities, and capital protection strategies.
Jeanette Marais, CEO, Momentum Investments_

A focus on the future of investing

"With increasing complexity, we need to focus on our speciality and niche and find the right partners to journey towards success with." says, Jeanette Marais, CEO, Momentum Investments and Deputy CEO, Momentum Metropolitan Holdings
Global Investments

The local need for truly global investment expertise   

The need for truly global investment expertise to support the local advice industry is more pressing than ever, but why?

Will financial planners ever be professionals?

The two most important professions of the 21st century are, undoubtedly, the medical profession and the financial planning profession, says Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse
Financial Planning Event

Blue Chip Round Table Series

Blue Chip will be launching a series of Round Tables in 2023, covering key topics of interest to Financial Planners. The first round table, brought to you by Equilibrium (a division of Momentum Investments), focuses on Discretionary Fund Management. Register here...