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Old Mutual Multi-Managers scoops hedge fund awards for the fifth consecutive...

The Old Mutual Multi-Managers Long Short Equity fund of hedge funds has now received an award for the best fund of funds over 10 years for the fifth year in a row.

Debunking the myths regarding hedge funds

Scepticism among financial advisors remains, with fees and complexity at the top of the list of concerns for those advisors who haven’t made an allocation to hedge funds yet says, Edrich Jansen, Head: Business Development, Protea Capital Management

Is there still a place for Hedge Funds and why should...

Bateleur Capital was founded 18 years ago in 2004 as a fund management company. In January 2005 we launched our first hedge fund with R11-million in invested capital, explains CEO and CIO, Kevin Williams

The most exclusive club is open, but where is the door?

For many years, hedge funds in South Africa were unregulated and available to only the wealthiest via complicated structures, says Mike Titley, Business Development Fund Manager

Fighting the fear of the unknown

While hedge funds are complicated investments that require more attention, investors may be handicapping themselves by not accessing the most sophisticated investment technology currently available to them.

The value of consistency and predictability

David Fraser co-founded Peregrine Capital in 1998 and is a Portfolio Manager and the Executive Chairman of Peregrine Capital. Blue Chip spoke to him about hedge funds.

Make any investment with the end goal in mind

Florbela Yates, Head of Momentum Investment Consulting, advises about proposed amendments to Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act and how the proposed changes will affect pension fund trustees, asset consultants and administrators.

Hedging the bad times, funding the good

Blue Chip spoke to Jean Pierre Verster, CEO and portfolio manager at Protea Capital Management, about the increasing interest and accessibility of hedge funds in South Africa, as well as their regulatory environment.

The evolution of savings

Allocating a portion of your savings to 36ONE hedge funds can improve your portfolio longevity

Leverage the hedge

South African equity hedge funds have consistently outperformed equity funds over the last three to five years, so why don’t more financial advisors allocate...