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What does the rise in bond yields mean for the economy?

A major sell-off in bond markets has seen yields hit levels not reached for 15 years or more. We look at the implications and ask if it will cause something to break in the economy, says Keith Wade, Chief Economist and Strategist, Schroders

Investing in building a Global Smart City – Johannesburg

Global Cities shoulder the responsibility of leading the economic growth of a nation. Johannesburg is the Global City of not only South Africa, but of the SADC region.

Driving digital inclusion

Convergence Partners Digital Infrastructure Fund beat its target and closed at $296-million in 2023, says Andile Ngcaba, Chairman and Founding Partner of Convergence Partners.

Digital exchange platform will make freight rail more efficient

A  substantial percentage of all rail wagons in South Africa are empty when moving between destinations. In the SADC region, only a small percentage of rail capacity is being fully utilised. That is a huge amount of wasted and expensive space, says Andrew Crafford, Managing Executive, Empty Trips.

Time for SA consumers to tighten belts and avoid debt

The recent increase in the repo rate, combined with steep increases in fuel and energy prices, points to a torrid time ahead for South African consumers – but the short-term discomfort should pay off in the long term, says employee benefits advisor firm NMG Benefits.

The gender pay gap is still an uncomfortable reality

The Oribi incubation model helps women discover economic freedom through collective networks and entrepreneurship development.

Why we’ve slashed our Chinese growth forecast 

Economic forecasting can be a thankless task, and the latest round of revisions to our expectations for China came with a large portion of humble pie, says David Rees, Senior Emerging Markets Economist, Schroders

Riding forward to a green future in Africa

Electric motorcycles are set to be a dominant force in Sub-Saharan Africa’s sustainable mobility transformation, but continued investment in startups tackling barriers across the value chain will be critical to maximise the full potential, says a report recently released by the Powering Renewable Energy Opportunities (PREO) programme.

Business partnership with government

The financial services sector is built on trust and confidence, yet this has been lacking between business and government. There are now tentative indications that this is being repaired, albeit at a slow and uneven pace.

Look both ways before you cross the BRICS Road

The ongoing shift in economic and political influence from the West, represented by the United States and the G7, to the East, represented by China and the BRICS bloc of nations, has been grabbing headlines over the past few years.