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Executive Director of Thapantha Financial Services, Tsotetsi Phoba

Demystifying financial products

Too many people are confused by financial services offerings, says the Executive Director of Thapantha Financial Services, Tsotetsi Phoba, whose firm works hard to match people and products.

Power wheeling: the solution to grid instability and achieving South Africa’s...

Vodacom Group Chief Technology Officer Dejan Kastelic explains how “virtual wheeling” offers an exciting and innovative way forward for companies looking to move beyond loadshedding.

How will the COP28 resolutions shape Africa’s financial future and how...

Sandra Villars, Partner, Financial Services at Oliver Wyman, examines the concept of nature-related risk and stresses the need for financing for climate adaptation that is relevant to the African context.

The funding struggle

Cerina Bezuidenhout, co-founder and COO of Future Females Empowerment Initiatives, lays out the facts about women and inequitable financing, based on research done in South Africa and four other countries by the organisation.

Sticking to our knitting

Reflecting on what has contributed to our investment success 30 years on.

World-class hydrocarbon discoveries confirm potential

Exciting offshore discoveries are not the only areas exciting interest, as David van der Spuy, Manager: Resource Evaluation Manager at PASA, explains. Biogenic, coal-bed methane and shale gas are all showing possibilities.

Deepening trade ties with member states

South Africa, represented by SACCI, is chairing the Trade and Investment Working Group of the BRICS Business Council.

The increasing popularity of share buybacks

Schroders’ research shows that buybacks became more widespread in 2022, with some markets narrowing the gap with the US, where they’re most common.

Soaring “margin of safety” in bonds boosts their appeal 

Higher yields boost returns prospects and offer a historically large cushion against potential losses, says Duncan Lamont, CFA Head of Strategic Research, Schroders.

Alternative energy fund launched

A R400-million Energy Fund designed to cater to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who need to find ways of keeping their businesses supplied with power has been created by Business Partners Limited, says Executive Director, Jeremy Lang.