Coronation two-pot reform

Two-pot reform: Resist the urge to access your retirement annuity savings...

"Understand that any withdrawal is a costly advance on your ultimate retirement benefit" writes Pieter Koekemoer, head of Personal Investments at Coronation.
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Coronation scoops international award for women empowerment in London

Coronation Fund Managers is honored to receive the 100 Women in Finance Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award for 2024.

A mandate designed for conservative global investors

With the support from higher rates, a conservative multi-asset class fund is an even more compelling option, says Coronation

Would investing be painless if you had perfect foresight?

Volatility is the price of admission for successful long-term investors, says Christo Lineveldt, Investment Specialist at Coronation.

Promising upside from global equities

With all things being equal, this is the best time to invest. Coronation shares insight as to why they are particularly excited about the return prospects for their global multi-asset funds. Expectations have been reduced significantly and positive economic news has been met.

Global indices remain fully priced, but opportunities rife for stock-pickers

Christo Lineveldt, Investment Specialist at Coronation, believes that investors seeking offshore diversification will be better off gaining exposure through well-researched global portfolios that are actively managed by disciplined stock pickers. 

Global multi-asset funds: a must-have moving into a post-Covid world

Christo Lineveldt, Investment Specialist at Coronation explains why, in their view, investing in well-diversified portfolios that comprise more than just one asset class offers the most appropriate route to navigating a challenging investment environment.

Including emerging markets in your global portfolio

Why you should consider other emerging markets (EMs) when investing offshore

Coronation Fund Managers supports the Solidarity Fund

In response to the President's call for contributions, 90 employees and the senior leadership from Coronation Fund Managers are pledging a portion of their salaries for a period of three months to the Solidarity Fund.

Keep things simple to stay the course

When multi-asset investing makes sense.