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Deepening trade ties with member states

South Africa, represented by SACCI, is chairing the Trade and Investment Working Group of the BRICS Business Council.

The increasing popularity of share buybacks

Schroders’ research shows that buybacks became more widespread in 2022, with some markets narrowing the gap with the US, where they’re most common.

Emerging Markets: a coming bull market?

After thirteen years of underperformance versus high-flying US markets, investors have forgotten what an EM bull market looks like. A closer look at history and where markets are today suggests we may be closer than many think or are positioned for, argues James Corkin, Portfolio Manager at Steyn Capital Management

Soaring “margin of safety” in bonds boosts their appeal 

Higher yields boost returns prospects and offer a historically large cushion against potential losses, says Duncan Lamont, CFA Head of Strategic Research, Schroders.

Alternative energy fund launched

A R400-million Energy Fund designed to cater to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who need to find ways of keeping their businesses supplied with power has been created by Business Partners Limited, says Executive Director, Jeremy Lang.

Creative industries are growing the economy

South Africa’s cultural creative industries have seen a rise in activity and economic contribution in recent years. The direct impact (also called Value Added) of the CCIs in 2018 was $5.51-billion, accounting for 1.7% of GDP (compared to 1.5% in 2016). Taking the Direct Effect, Indirect Effect, and Induced Effect into account, the CCIs’ total effect on the economy was $18.01-billion, or 5.6% of the country’s GDP.

What does the rise in bond yields mean for the economy?

A major sell-off in bond markets has seen yields hit levels not reached for 15 years or more. We look at the implications and ask if it will cause something to break in the economy, says Keith Wade, Chief Economist and Strategist, Schroders
Invest your savings

Taking the logical next step – invest your savings money

During these unpredictable times, it is now more vital than ever for people to take the first step in changing their spending habits, and the next step to investing their money smartly, says Pierre Jean Marais, Retail Marketing, Momentum Investments
Hype around investing offshore

The hype around investing offshore is back at the euphoric levels...

Offshore investing trends in the mid-1990s differed hugely from today. Fund choices open for South Africans extended to no more than five options, yet almost every application form received, allocated the funds, whether on a recuring premium basis or as a lump sum, to asset swap/feeder funds, says Sheldon Holdsworth, Old Mutual International, Regional Offshore Specialist.

Investing in building a Global Smart City – Johannesburg

Global Cities shoulder the responsibility of leading the economic growth of a nation. Johannesburg is the Global City of not only South Africa, but of the SADC region.