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Blue Chip is a Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa – approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provider, allowing members of the FPI to earn CPD points through the quarterly journal.

Make 2024 your year of managing money

In the pursuit of financial well-being, Andile Jonas, Marketing Head at Momentum Investo, advocates for making 2024 a year focused on effective money management. He advocates for the principle of "paying oneself first," emphasizing the importance of addressing retirement annuities, investments, and financial obligations. Jonas encourages revisiting budgets, involving family in financial decisions, and fostering awareness. He concludes by highlighting the 50/30/20 budget rule as a tool to align personal financial goals with helping others.

Behavioural biases: unravelling our irrational investment habits

Amid market volatility, currency fluctuations and a climate of uncertainty surrounding South Africa’s growth prospects, it becomes increasingly important to explore the common biases that can significantly impact financial decision-making.

The evolution of advice

From managing people to managing advice.

Unveiling the magic of social media for financial advisors

Social media possesses a magical allure – an enigmatic realm of wonder, a captivating escape from reality and a conduit for connection. Yet, within this captivating realm, financial advisors often grapple with a curious conundrum: the struggle to effectively harness the potential of social media and online communication.
The 7 Pillars of Financial Health by Rob Macdonald

The 7 Pillars of Financial Health – Partnering with a Professional...

Blue Chip interviews the author of The 7 Pillars of Financial Health, Rob Macdonald.

The real significance of the number “93.6%” for financial planners

Given the multiple influences on our behaviour when it comes to investments, simply being educated about investments, and asking us to behave well doesn’t work. The key is to find ways to influence the person and their relationship with their investments, says Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse.
Financial planning

The impact of mental health on financial planning

One undeniable fact, central to financial planning, is the link between mental health, poor decision-making and financial difficulties, says Roland Cox, Executive Coach, Aspiral Coaching and Leadership
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Introducing purpose-driven financial coaching: embrace a human approach to financial planning

The world of finance has evolved, and it’s time to shift from a numbers-focused and legal-centric mindset to a more comprehensive and sustainable approach.
Photo of Fanie Wasserman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Securitas™ Financial Group

Securitas™ Financial Group Strengthens Client Relationships through Strategic Acquisitions

Securitas™ Financial Group takes bold strides towards a prosperous future, uniting with Jackie Steele & Associates and Rutherford Wealth to enhance client relationships and expand specialized financial solutions.
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Accessible money conversations in isiXhosa: YES PLEASE!

Babalwa Nonkenge, creator of the podcast Epokothweni, discusses the lack of personal finance content in indigenous South African languages and how it contributes to financial illiteracy. Epokothweni aims to bridge the gap by providing accessible conversations in isiXhosa