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Investing for generational impact

Abdu-Rahman Abrahams Co-Head: Hybrid Equity, a division of Old Mutual Alternative Investments, shares his experience of a funding model that leaves a legacy for future generations.
Hype around investing offshore

The hype around investing offshore is back at the euphoric levels...

Offshore investing trends in the mid-1990s differed hugely from today. Fund choices open for South Africans extended to no more than five options, yet almost every application form received, allocated the funds, whether on a recuring premium basis or as a lump sum, to asset swap/feeder funds, says Sheldon Holdsworth, Old Mutual International, Regional Offshore Specialist.

Retirement coaching: adding value to your practice

When the prospect of full-time retirement looms, your clients will suddenly have many hours of free time to do all those things that they dreamed of during their working life., says Stephan le Roux, CFP®, Financial Planning Coach, Old Mutual Wealth
Photo of Father and son brushing teeth their teeth.

Latest claims statistics: a reality check for men

Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) confirm that women live considerably longer than men, on average.¹ The general consensus is that the combination of men’s lifestyle...

How to protect clients’ annuities during market downturns  

The living annuity remains the weapon of choice for planners who want to turn their clients’ accumulated retirement-funding capital into a sustainable source of income writes, Roland Gräbe, Head of DFM at Old Mutual Wealth

Offshore investments: Is there a magic number?

Offshore investing is no longer a luxury reserved for a few, says Jean Minnaar, Managing Director of Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities.

Wake up and smell the CoFi – Part 2

Guy Holwill is the CEO of Fairbairn Consult, a business that assists financial advisers to run their own practices without the growing compliance burden that comes with owning an FSP.

Avoiding boom-bust cycles from offshore investing

Investing offshore has certainly been beneficial for South African investors for a number of years, partly because of the rand weakness during this period,...
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How much offshore is enough?

While investing is certainly rewarding it can be complex. You will have questions along the way and Old Mutual Wealth is here to help you find the answers

Practice valuations. Part 2 – The pros and cons of simpler...

This article is the second in a three-part series on practice valuations by Guy Holwill, Chief Executive of Fairbairn Consult & Mandy Murphy, Practice Management Consultant for Fairbairn Consult.