Old Mutual

What the new tax laws mean for sustainable retirement

South Africa’s retirement savings shortfall is both well-documented and alarming. To make it easier for people to save adequately for retirement, government recently introduced the Taxation Laws Amendment Act. Andrew Davison, Head of Advice, Old Mutual Corporate Consultants, explains the implications of the new Act.

Introducing Old Mutual Wealth ESG ratings

At Old Mutual Wealth, we are now the first Linked Investment Service Provider (LISP) in South Africa to provide and publish an ESG Rating for all the Old Mutual Unit Trust Funds listed on our platform.

Exploring impact metrics for the South African listed equity markets

Jon Duncan, Head of Responsible Investment at Old Mutual Investment Group, highlights the importance of pursuing market returns in a manner that builds long-term ecosystem resilience.

Emerging and developed markets: a mix of risk and reward

Andrew Dittberner, CIO at Old Mutual Wealth Private Client Securities, provides perspective on the risks and rewards to consider between developed and emerging market equities.

When direct investing isn’t an option

Direct investment, while generally being the preferable means of investing offshore, is not for everyone. In many cases, indirect investment vehicles available to investors can offer the same diverse exposure to offshore markets with many of the same benefits.

Offshore investing as a diversifier

Michael Dodd, Head of Equities at Old Mutual Multi-Managers, explores a vital ingredient when it comes to investing and risk management, and what should drive investors' needs when considering investing offshore.

Key considerations when investing offshore

Wayne Sorour of Old Mutual International shares insight on crucial considerations to keep in mind during the initial planning process when moving money abroad

The real reason you should be investing offshore

Apart from the mitigation of risk through diversification, from an investment perspective offshore developed markets offer more depth and breadth relative to the local market

It pays to plan if you’re looking to invest offshore

Kim Rassou, Portfolio Manager at Old Mutual Wealth Tailored Fund Portfolios, highlights some fundamental principles that investors need to bear in mind before investing offshore

Real-time planning tool gives meaning to integrated wealth planning

Old Mutual Wealth's flagship financial planning tool will give accredited advisers a clear competitive advantage as consumer preferences change