The 7 Pillars of Financial Health by Rob Macdonald

The 7 Pillars of Financial Health – Partnering with a Professional...

Blue Chip interviews the author of The 7 Pillars of Financial Health, Rob Macdonald.

Look both ways before you cross the BRICS Road

The ongoing shift in economic and political influence from the West, represented by the United States and the G7, to the East, represented by China and the BRICS bloc of nations, has been grabbing headlines over the past few years.
Financial planning control

Time, relationships and control – the unexpected investment triage | By...

The further into the future a person can envision their lives, the greater their economic stability says, Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse
Changing world of work.

The changing world of work and its impact on client engagement

Technology is the lifeblood of the new world of work, affecting how we work and what work we do says, Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services at Fundhouse.

The gale of creative destruction

The current period of creative destruction is necessary, for without this release valve dampening financial excesses the problem may have become too big to fix says, Ian Jones, CEO, of Fundhouse.

Will financial planners ever be professionals?

The two most important professions of the 21st century are, undoubtedly, the medical profession and the financial planning profession, says Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse

Understanding service versus product means understanding risk 

When we consider portfolio construction, we are assessing the potential to lose capital permanently, says Peter Foster, Chief Investment Officer, Fundhouse

Workplace Flexibility

How flexible are you? And going forward, will you remain flexible?

For better client outcomes, focus on the investor not the investments

Unless we make our money story conscious and understand the nature of our relationship with money fully, we run the risk of not living fully and making sub-optimal choices about money and life.

Capital Gains Tax is no small change

Investment portfolios are living, breathing things which require constant care and attention.