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Mulalo Nemataheni CFP®

Instant gratification and “vhathu vha dori mini” [what will people say] syndrome also play a major role in making people do things that only serve them now and not in the future, and not for the benefit of future generations, says Mulalo Nemataheni, CFP®, Founder and CEO, ImPowerX Advisory Services

Barry O’Mahony, CFP®

Done properly, financial planning is one of the most honourable professions out there because it can make a huge difference to people’s lives, says Barry O’Mahony, CFP®
Kobus Kleyn Column Image

Kobus Kleyn, CFP®

“In the constantly evolving realm of financial planning, the essence remains consistent: dedication, adaptability, and the unwavering commitment to client well-being drive the Profession forward.” Kobus Kleyn CFP

Tom Brukman, CFP®

What inspired you to become a financial planner? I spent a good six months in my mid-twenties exploring what profession I could build a career...
Palesa Dube_Featured Financial Planner

Palesa Dube CFP®

The CFP® designation as well as the more recent RFPTM and FSATM designations are a clear indication of our commitment to further professionalising the industry.