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Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments

What is impacting the investment landscape? 

Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments, explores the key elements that shape investment decisions and strategies.
Fareeya Adams

Reimagining retirement planning

According to Fareeya Adam, Momentum Wealth has reimagined retirement for South Africans through income solutions aimed at empowering people to confidently plan for retirement.
Momentum Investments and Robeco Launch partnership in Southern Africa

Momentum Investments and Robeco launch partnership in Southern Africa

Momentum and Robeco's strategic partnership deepens portfolio integration in quantitative equity products and research.
workers meeting

Shaping the future of investment management and advice, today

Momentum Investments’ Research Hive is a purposefully created hub of research and innovation activity dedicated to advancing the worlds of effective investment management and advice for both the business and our clients writes Eugene Botha, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Momentum.
retirement stock image source: CANVA

Blending security and flexibility for retirement 

One crucial decision people face at retirement is choosing an annuity. We’ve reimagined retirement to make the choice easier, writes Martin Riekert, head of retail investments at Momentum Investments.
Momentum Investments Global citizen Masterclass

Momentum Investments: Global Citizen Masterclass webinar

Watch Momentum Investments' Global Citizen Masterclass webinar available online until the end of April 2024.
Sanisha Packirisamy, Economist, Momentum Investments

Top 10 trends shaping tomorrow

Sanisha Packirisamy, Momentum investments, shares 10 trends that are likely to shape the trajectory of global politics, economics and financial markets in the months to come. 
Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments

Unlocking hyper personalisation: AI’s role in redefining customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping us to gain a deeper understanding of investors to provide a better customer experience, writes Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments.
Fränzo Friedrich, Head of Marketing, Momentum Investments

A leap forward into a new digital era

Momentum Wealth International's redesigned website ushers in a new era in how financial advisors, wealth managers and clients in South Africa and beyond interact with digital platforms that facilitate offshore investing.

Start investing through a tax-free investment, asap  

Using tax-free investments, also known as tax-free savings accounts, and starting as soon as possible, can have meaningful benefits for wealth-building, writes Pierre Jean Marais, retail marketing at Momentum Wealth.