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Investors lose millions due to their switching behaviour 

Past performance is not a good indication of future returns, but it remains one of the main determinants of ‘behaviour tax’, writes Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments.

Momentum Investments’ new CEO: Ferdi van Heerden

Ferdi van Heerden took over the reins at Momentum Investments on 1 September 2023.
Photo of Fareeya Adam, head of guaranteed annuities at Momentum Wealth

Give clients more control through certainty  

In this environment of high interest rates, clients can lock in very attractive guaranteed annuity rates, says Fareeya Adam, head of guaranteed annuities at Momentum Wealth.
Invest your savings

Taking the logical next step – invest your savings money

During these unpredictable times, it is now more vital than ever for people to take the first step in changing their spending habits, and the next step to investing their money smartly, says Pierre Jean Marais, Retail Marketing, Momentum Investments
Photo of Karabo Seima, portfolio manager at Momentum Investments

How the Momentum Income Plus Fund can provide a haven in...

The Momentum Income Plus Fund has a unique value proposition: a high level of income and access to a diversified range of companies, says Karabo Seima, Portfolio Manager at Momentum Investments.

Add some “BMT” to your clients’ retirement portfolios

When your clients are on the big stage, in this case retirement, how does their living annuity perform when they need it most? Martiens Barnard, Marketing Actuary at Momentum Investments explains.
Global portfolios

Global model portfolios for your advice practice  

The new Equilibrium global model portfolios, sub-managed by our London based investment business, Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM), gives South African investors access to a diversified range of global opportunities across a broad range of asset classes, countries, companies, currencies, and market sectors.
Investing and saving

Why do people invest? Why do people save?

For clients to realise their dreams, the gap to earning capacity and the price of the item is often too wide to save the cash under the mattress and hope for the best says, Kapil Joshi, Head of Momentum Collective Investment
Photo of Jako De Jager

How you can invest in future trends

Jako de Jager, head of retail portfolio solutions at Momentum Investments, shares six trends that will affect the global economy in 2023 and beyond.
Global investment opportunities

Global investment opportunities

Effective and holistic diversification is essential for local investors and offshore markets can offer just that, says Eugene Botha, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of Momentum Investments.