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The real reason you should be investing offshore

Discounting for a moment the state of the local economy and one’s particular socio-political view, the key motivation for any investor to invest offshore should be to have appropriately diversified wealth in pursuit of real capital growth at an acceptable level of risk

How to work safely in the midst of social distancing

Providing financial advisors with the tools to focus on the advice-giving process

The FPI’s Annual Refresher is now a hybrid event

The FPI will be holding face to face events within the capacity regulations in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal in late January 2021 and early February 2021 while the live online webinar will take place early February 2021

Has Covid-19 changed the conversation around sustainable investing?

The pandemic brought companies’ treatment of their stakeholders into sharp focus. We ask three investment experts what the impact has been on sustainable investing and what it means for the future

Discovery Invest and the disruptive evolution of shared value

How a model for unlocking and sharing value in life insurance has created South Africa’s fastest-growing investment provider
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