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Staying in touch with your clients in a digital world

What irritates you most in your practice? Is it the time taken up with admin matters that leaves less time for getting to know your client and advising them?

The real cost of our emotions

Jeanette Marais, CEO of Momentum Investments talks about the effect of emotional decision-making when investing and the key role financial advisers play in mitigating these effects.

How to invest in disruptive companies

Disruption is an investment theme that investors should be paying close attention to. It has strong long-term growth potential and lacks correlation to broader market indices. By Alex Tedder, Head of Global and Thematic Equities, Schroders

A moment of insights with Momentum Investments

Leading investment professionals share the lessons learnt and their successes during the pandemic's volatile first year in 'A moment of insight and updates', Momentum Investments’ virtual event, held on 27 May 2021. Watch the event here to gain invaluable investment insight.

Investment Moments with Momentum Investments, Podcast Episode 1

In this episode of Investment Moments with Momentum Investments, Levashni Naicker (Communications Specialist) talks to Martin Riekert (Executive Head of Retail Investments) about how guaranteed solutions can play a part in a client's overall financial plan.

Has value’s ship sailed?

Value’s recent strong performance has led many investors to question whether they’ve missed the boat. Simon Adler, Global Value Fund Manager at Schroders, explains why Schroders believe there are plenty of places to find genuine value in today’s market for the active investor. 

Moving your business into a hybrid sales and advice environment –...

Kobus Wentzel, Executive Head at 1Life Distribution, describes the benefits of combining face-to-face with digital interventions to help us work more efficiently, but still remotely.

Binary thinking, what-ifs and why it helps to disagree with yourself

Ian Jones, CEO of Fundhouse, explores the concept of “binary thinking”, which relates to the idea that when faced with complex decisions, we are prone to oversimplifying the problem to arrive at convenient answers. 

How the process of becoming an FPI approved practice has benefitted...

Centric Wealth Advisory, a Cape Town-based wealth advisory, has recently been acknowledged as one of 15 FPI Approved Professional Practices™ within SA.

Sharing is caring: Lessons from the FPI Brand Ambassador programme

Last year, the FPI launched a Brand Ambassador programme that leverages the public profile of past FPI award winners to raise awareness about the importance of sound financial planning and advice. Here’s how to apply the ambassador example to your own business.