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Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments

What is impacting the investment landscape? 

Ferdi van Heerden, chief executive officer at Momentum Investments, explores the key elements that shape investment decisions and strategies.
Sarah Love, CFP®, FPSA®, TEP, Fiduciary Practitioner, Private Client Trust

Who do you trust with your digital information?

Who do you trust to access your digital information, if something happens to you? A question posed by Sarah Love, CFP®, FPSA®, TEP, Fiduciary Practitioner at Private Client Trust.
Mothering and money with Momentum

Mothering & Money 

Jessica Pillay, a Momentum Financial Adviser, stresses the importance of teaching children about debt, future planning, handling life milestones, avoiding scams, and learning from mistakes. By starting with basics like budgeting and saving, mothers can empower their children to make sound financial decisions for a secure future.
Fareeya Adams

Reimagining retirement planning

According to Fareeya Adam, Momentum Wealth has reimagined retirement for South Africans through income solutions aimed at empowering people to confidently plan for retirement.
Coronation two-pot reform

Two-pot reform: Resist the urge to access your retirement annuity savings...

"Understand that any withdrawal is a costly advance on your ultimate retirement benefit" writes Pieter Koekemoer, head of Personal Investments at Coronation.
Annual shareholders meetings need a shake-up

Annual shareholder meetings need a shake-up, but how? 

Shareholder meetings are often uninspiring but they are essential for shareholder democracy. We consider how they could be revamped to better serve the needs of all stakeholders writes Tim Goodman, Schroders.
Momentum Investments and Robeco Launch partnership in Southern Africa

Momentum Investments and Robeco launch partnership in Southern Africa

Momentum and Robeco's strategic partnership deepens portfolio integration in quantitative equity products and research.
Kobus Kleyn Column Image

Social media in financial planning

Kobus Kleyn, CFP®, underscores the value of social media in enhancing client relationships and professional growth.
Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse

The power of incentives

Rob Macdonald, the head of Strategic Advisory Services at Fundhouse, discusses the human side of investing using Charlie Munger's speech "The psychology of human misjudgment".

A case for precious metals

According to Michael Mgwaba, Head of Exchange Traded Products at ABSA, traditional asset classes have historically helped advisors achieve satisfactory results in portfolio construction for their clients; however, our view is that there is time to consider inclusion of precious metals for the retail clients to improve risk adjusted returns.