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April 2021

The future of investing is human… only smarter and faster

Rayhaan Joosub, Deputy CEO of Sentio Capital Management, an investment technology company, believes that integrating fundamental analysis with machine learning in a hybrid framework can improve investment decision-making.

Fixed income asset allocation: diversification and flexibility, a must-have

Mark Seymour of Northstar SCI Income Fund examines the importance of portfolio flexibility and the impact of inflation-linked bonds.

Leaders in multi-family office solutions

Blue Chip speaks to Allan Bothma, Global Portfolio Manager at Private Client Portfolios.

Shared value – another trend, or the key to transforming retirement?

It has been said that shared value has the potential to redefine businesses across the globe, but it’s not always clear how the theory plays out, and what its full potential is. To help us understand its potential impact in the retirement space, Blue Chip spoke to Head of Research and Development at Discovery Invest, Craig Sher.

What 73 years of multi-asset investing has taught us

Much has changed in financial markets over the last 73 years since Schroders launched its first balanced mandate, but there are several lessons we can take from past experience. They could be helpful in navigating the future, writes Ugo Montrucchio.

Peregrine Capital: Distinctive Asset Management

Peregrine Capital was founded in 1998 and is the longest-running hedge fund manager in South Africa. We have been there from the beginning, helping to protect and grow the wealth of our clients.

Rising demand for DFMs

DFMs are becoming key to a financial advisor’s value proposition to their clients.

Resilience within the financial sector

The financial services sector is having to adapt rapidly and at an ever-evolving scale to current constraints and market conditions. Raksha Gosai, Brand Ambassador of the FPI, reflects on lessons learnt in 2020 and how they apply to financial professionals and clients alike.

Financial technology: enhancing the client’s experience

Didintle Mokonoto, Strategic Business Enablement Manager at Astute - The Financial Services Exchange, explains how financial advisers who leverage technology will have a competitive advantage for many years to come.

Fighting the fear of the unknown

While hedge funds are complicated investments that require more attention, investors may be handicapping themselves by not accessing the most sophisticated investment technology currently available to them.