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AI meeting minutes.

Effortless meeting minutes using AI

Blue Chip spoke to Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Connect and creator of AgendaWorx, about three board portal Artificial Intelligence automation tools that will help you transform your minutes process.

Emerging Markets: a coming bull market?

After thirteen years of underperformance versus high-flying US markets, investors have forgotten what an EM bull market looks like. A closer look at history and where markets are today suggests we may be closer than many think or are positioned for, argues James Corkin, Portfolio Manager at Steyn Capital Management

Rob Macdonald | Perception is reality

This is why how financial planning fees are charged is important, says Rob Macdonald, Head of Strategic Advisory Services, Fundhouse
Happy retirement

Annuities: choose wisely

Financial advisors have the critical challenge of helping their clients convert retirement capital into an income stream to see them through their retirement years, says Dr Jeannie de Villiers-Strijdom, CFP®, Senior Lecturer and Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Business Management, Faculty Economic and Management Sciences, Stellenbosch University.

How to use financial products to enhance estate planning

An estate consists of the assets and liabilities that an individual accumulates during their lifetime and leaves behind at death. An individual should create and manage an estate plan to preserve, grow and protect their assets during their lifetime and ensure that those assets are transferred to successive generations, says Felicia Hlophe, Legal Advisor, Allan Gray

Estate Planning – 2C or not 2C

Dr Rika van Zyl CFP®, FPSA®, School of Financial Planning Law, UFS, clarifies, when to apply Section 2C of the Wills Act 7 of 1953 and when not to
Spring_practice management

The case for strategic corporate outsourcing

The 1990s saw organisations starting to outsource business activities, such as accounting, HR, data processing, security and maintenance to cut costs. Today, outsourcing is seen as a far more strategic tool than merely a cost-saving exercise.

Mulalo Nemataheni CFP®

Instant gratification and “vhathu vha dori mini” [what will people say] syndrome also play a major role in making people do things that only serve them now and not in the future, and not for the benefit of future generations, says Mulalo Nemataheni, CFP®, Founder and CEO, ImPowerX Advisory Services
Digital solutions

Harnessing the power of digital solutions in wealth management

By leveraging technology, advisors can better address the evolving needs of their clients, building stronger relationships and driving client satisfaction, says Hymne Landman, Head of Momentum Wealth.

Look both ways before you cross the BRICS Road

The ongoing shift in economic and political influence from the West, represented by the United States and the G7, to the East, represented by China and the BRICS bloc of nations, has been grabbing headlines over the past few years.