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July/Aug/Sept 2021

Specialists win Gold

While strategic asset allocation has the greatest impact on the performance of a portfolio, selecting the best specialists in the world to manage those underlying asset classes is a critical source of alpha, which compounds with time.

Exploration value

Blue Chip speaks to Dr Phindile Masangane, CEO of Petroleum Agency SA (PASA), about the investment opportunities in oil and gas.

FPI looks to the future at 2021 convention

The theme of the 2021 FPI Professional Convention is “The Future is Human”. Technology is changing the way that financial planners give advice, but it should never detract from the human relationships that have always formed the core of the profession.

How an increasing life expectancy affects retirement

In this, the second of a four-part miniseries, Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest, reflects on opportunities and challenges of the longevity revolution, one of two major socio-economic metamorphoses that are rapidly converging to compel an urgent paradigm shift in retirement planning.

Discovery Invest announces new investment solution

Discovery Invest has partnered with Goldman Sachs Asset Management to introduce a new opportunity giving access to a range of thematic equity portfolios designed to give exposure to global megatrends.

Customer-centric software to grow your financial business

The evolution of software means clients expect “always on” access to data to make informed decisions about their finances. But as an advisor, where is your competitive advantage when technology already enables easy access to information?

The gift that keeps on giving

Hester van der Merwe CFP® looks back on her experience of winning last year’s FPI Financial Planner of the Year Award.

Understanding investor behaviour

A Blue Chip interview with Theo Terblanche, Executive Head of Investment Management at Momentum Investments.

Principles, point of view and process

A valuable attribute of any good portfolio manager is to have an investment philosophy and process, based on solid, first principles and to stick with the philosophy and process. Most would agree with the statement.

What the new tax laws mean for sustainable retirement

South Africa’s retirement savings shortfall is both well-documented and alarming. To make it easier for people to save adequately for retirement, government recently introduced the Taxation Laws Amendment Act. Andrew Davison, Head of Advice, Old Mutual Corporate Consultants, explains the implications of the new Act.