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May/June/July 2022

Just transition: South Africa’s journey to clean energy

Jonathan de Pasquallie, ESG Manager, Sanlam Investments points up, the world needs to replace the use of fossil fuels with clean energy. If we don’t do so, the implications for the sustainability of the planet are dire.

The good, the bad and the market structure

ETFs are a very useful instrument for investors, especially multi asset class investment managers, highlights Argon Asset Management's CEO, Dr Manas Bapela and Head of Macro Strategies, Ruen Naido.

Stay the course through market turmoil

In the middle of a crisis the stress can be so overwhelming that our strong emotions crowd out the rational mind. Mike Adsetts, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments advises that it is far more useful to make decisions in advance, aligned to a clearly defined investment plan, and stay the course.

The future of financial planning: getting clients to understand that money...

Joe Chetty, Financial Planner and Founder of School of Savings South Africa, shares the beginning and ends to successful financial planning. The mission to educate, guide and encourage families to generational wealth has lead to prosperous client relationships and it continuous to bear fruits.

Why the multi-management model works

Kagiso Matole, Portfolio Manager, Novare explains that choosing a multi-management portfolio comes down to personal appetite for risk. While the function of funds of funds is to reduce risk, there remains varying levels of risk attached to various portfolios, depending on how they are constituted and managed.

The evolution of Momentum

Blue Chip speaks to Hymne Landman, head of Momentum Wealth and Momentum Wealth International at Momentum Investments about how they continuously fulfil their aim of meeting clients’ expectations in a prompt, service-led and value-added manner.

Investing with purpose

Sonja Saunderson, Chief Investment Officer at Momentum Investments, shares comprehensive insight to the three key considerations for outcome-based investments and elaborates on the importance of defining an objective when investing and the role it plays for measuring your success.

Change is good, provided you don’t change what you stand for

Since disrupting South Africa’s insurance industry just over 24 years ago, OUTsurance’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable. Blue Chip spent some time with Danie Matthee, OUTsurance Chief Executive Officer.

This was South Africa’s best-performing unit trust in 2021

As potential investors in best-performing funds we need to ask if we are impressed by short-term performance, headlines and awards or by sustainable long-term outcomes? By Ian Jones, CEO at Fundhouse.

An investing continuum

New products such as smart beta and factor-based investing funds have blurred the lines between the traditional alternatives of passive and actively managed funds. Professor Evan Gilbert, Research Strategist at Momentum Investments, provides insights into these alternatives with the goal of empowering you to make better choices between them.