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Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

It truly starts with you

Francois du Toit, Director, PROpulsion Podcast, tells us about his journey and the lessons learned up to finally being rewarded with the “It Starts with Me” award.

Finding specialist global managers

The investment opportunity set available to invest offshore is vast. But how do clients decide which fund managers to choose to manage their capital?

Capital Climate

Climate science and why it’s important for long-run capital allocation.

How shared value can solve retirement problems

Making sense of today’s retirement landscape. Part 4 of this series wherein Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest, explores how the global retirement savings landscape is being transformed.

A safe place to succeed

Blue Chip chats to Rory Brachner from DoshGuide, a site to connect people that need personal finance advice with a passionate community of flat-fee financial advisors, who operate in a fundamentally different way to traditional financial advisors.
Lelane Bezuidenhout - FPI CEO

Making a difference in the lives of others

After a journey of over 20 years, Lelané Bezuidenhout is now the CEO of the FPI where she makes a difference in people’s lives by serving the FPI’s vision of professional financial planning and advice for all. Blue Chip was honoured to interview this esteemed leader.

SPAC Attack

Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies are the latest investment frenzy as investors ranging from hedge funds to everyday investors rush to access these speculative assets in the hope that they might be investing in the next Tesla or Amazon.

Identifying predictable income

Blue Chip met up with Scott Cooper, Marriott Investment Managers, to find out what his take is on the inflation that is, and has been for some time, driving the markets.

Talking Global Equity

Blue Chip speaks to Andreea Bunea, Head of Global Equity at Old Mutual Multi-Managers.

Making sense of today’s retirement landscape: the South African outlook

Part 3 in the series of articles by Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest, exploring how two rapidly advancing phenomena, longevity and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are colliding with an age-old retirement savings conundrum.