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Oct/Nov/Dec 2022

Palesa Dube_Featured Financial Planner

Palesa Dube CFP®

The CFP® designation as well as the more recent RFPTM and FSATM designations are a clear indication of our commitment to further professionalising the industry.
Retirement planning

Five steps to a comfortable retirement

A recent BusinessTech poll shows more than a third of middle-class South Africans aren’t putting any money at all away for their retirement.

Economy – Forget soft landings – how much of a recession...

Since the last interest rate move by the Federal Reserve (Fed) on 27 July, investors have taken a more optimistic view of when the...

ETF Investing: Why and how?

ETFs are an efficient wrapper that can make a wide range of investments easily accessible to all types of investors.
Value stocks in Europe are the “unloved of the unloved”

Value Stocks – Why bargain hunters should be shopping in Europe,...

The value investor has become something of an endangered species over the last decade, pushed to the side-lines of a market fixated on seeking never-ending growth in areas such as technology.

Understanding service versus product means understanding risk 

When we consider portfolio construction, we are assessing the potential to lose capital permanently, says Peter Foster, Chief Investment Officer, Fundhouse

Sustainably building and scaling your own business

Once you’ve got your vision, the most important aspect of any new business is defining your why’s, says Guy Holwill, Chief Executive of Fairbairn Consult.
Customer Experience

Practice Management – Customer experience (CX) changes everything

If you want to create great customer experiences, all you need to do is think about your business from their perspective.
Oil and Gas Drilling Rig onshore dessert with dramatic cloudscape. Oil drilling rig operation on the oil platform in oil and gas industry

Good news for the South African economy

Petroleum Agency South Africa is enabling oil and gas discoveries to kickstart investment and growth says, CEO Dr Phindile Masangane.

How to build a technology-enabled practice? By design, that’s how

Jen McKay, Director at Linktank, takes us through what a technology-enabled practice looks like.