Five “Aha! Moments” to look forward to at the FPI Professional Digital Convention

The first-ever 100% digital FPI Professional Digital Convention on 27th and 28th of October 2020 has an irrepressible line-up of speakers from around the globe.


While there’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction, this year’s convention proves – yet again – that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. Not having to worry about geographic considerations has meant the FPI can call on some exceptionally high-calibre speakers from across the country and the globe.

This year’s convention promises to have “Aha! Moments” aplenty. But don’t take it from us – take it from the speakers themselves.

Aha! Moment #1:

Facts matter more than ever 

My talk, The Upside of Down, will show you how vitally important it is to have a growth mindset in a deeply complex environment which paralyses many of us into inaction through fear and indecision. In post-Covid South Africa, facts matter more than ever. You cannot make good long-term decisions if you are overwhelmed by fear. My deeply empowering, fact-rich, multi-layered talk will challenge your in-built biases and encourages you to confront widespread, but often inaccurate beliefs.

Bruce Whitfield, South Africa’s leading financial journalist and radio personality

Aha! Moment #2:

You cannot be awesome on your own

I have been in the profession for over 20 years and I am passionate about showing how to achieve excellence as your standard. I will show you how Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) and I will leave you in no doubt that it’s impossible to be awesome on your own.

Building on these concepts, The Operations Management System (TOMS) developed by my team and I will show you how to free yourself from the day-to-day workings of your office while your team delivers consistently high levels of client service.

Michelle Hoskin, aka Little Miss WOWW! of Standards International in the UK

Aha! Moment #3:

Use tech to be better at the stuff that only humans can do 

I will show you that on our own, humans are fallible and prone to bias and inconsistency, particularly in complex areas such as financial advice. Luckily data and technology can provide humans with decision prosthetics that reduce bias and noise and ensure that human beings can be the best version of themselves more consistently. In a nutshell, technology enables humans to be better at the stuff only humans can do.

Greg Davies, of Oxford Risk, has a PhD in Behavioural Finance from Cambridge University

Aha! Moment #4:

Change requires a shift in mindset, not just behaviour

As human beings, we are pretty good at many things, but managing change is not always one of them. We may be creatures of habit, but – as we have seen this year – the business world is constantly changing. I will show you how to future-proof your personal and professional goals by coming less resistant to change.

Because resistance to change is often rooted in unexamined personal beliefs, change requires a shift in mindset, not just behaviour. This shift requires a process of identifying and adjusting these beliefs.

Frank Magwegwe, PhD, CFP®, is an award-winning speaker and author of From Homeless to CEO

Aha! Moment #5:

Transformation can be a positive experience for your company

Transformation and succession planning are such big issues within the financial planning industry. There are very few great examples of how this can be done in a way that works in South Africa. I will give you insights into how transformation can be a positive experience for your company, your staff and for clients.

There is so much good that can be created from transformation that you should never allow fear to stop you from taking this important step.

Warren Ingram is an Executive Director of Galileo Capital, author and radio personality 

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