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October 2020

Tuning in to the beat of her inner drum

Alida de Swardt, CEO of RMI Investment Managers, inspires leaders to use their skills combined with positive energy and a growth mindset to successfully achieve goals
Zama Zulu, Portfolio Executive, RMI IM

Identifying, partnering and growing the next generation of SA’s top investment...

The RMI IM portfolio represents a world-class collection of businesses with the potential to become top-tier investment managers in South Africa

The power of superiority – excellence as the standard

Having a business and a team whose sole focus is striving for and achieving excellence is, was and has always been the best line of defence

Women as financial planning clients

It is a critical imperative for financial planners and wealth management companies to create value propositions that speak to the needs of the female market

Boutiques are better – right?

The debate about whether it is better to invest in a boutique manager or a more established manager continues

Why China? Why now?

As fears of a protracted trade war, a slowing global economy and political protests grow in Hong Kong – is now the time to invest in China?

Retirement planning in the time of Covid

Retirement planning is daunting at the best of times, but against the backdrop of Covid-19, it is an even more intimidating task. It is time to start looking at retirement differently

Identification and monitoring of risk in portfolio management

Zisanda, you are lead portfolio manager at Momentum Investments. Please share with our readers your journey that led you to this point of your...

How to navigate volatile markets

Sound advice by Florbela Yates, Head of Momentum Investment Consulting

Are you working in the “messy middle”?

Rob Macdonald, Fundhouse, on defining the primary role of financial planners and finding the balance between financial security and a life well-lived