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Kobus is passionate about bringing digital solutions, such as 1Life Vantage, to financial advisers. Digital solutions that enable them to bring generational wealth to their clients.
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Investors lose millions due to their switching behaviour 

Past performance is not a good indication of future returns, but it remains one of the main determinants of ‘behaviour tax’, writes Paul Nixon, head of behavioural finance at Momentum Investments.

Leveraging the two-pot system for entrepreneurial growth 

The proposed two-pot system is set to take effect in March 2024. As a financial adviser, it is crucial to understand how this new structure will offer self-employed clients the lifeline of accessing a savings portion of their personal retirement savings.

Is the future still bright for the Super-7? 

After a strong year for the big US technology stocks, investors will be wondering what the future holds. We see some challenges, but also reasons for optimism.
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