The A.R.T of saving with Momentum Money

Gone are the days when businesses could create products and expect clients to mould their lifestyles to them.

Photo of Kapil Joshi, CEO, Momentum Money.
Kapil Joshi, CEO, Momentum Money.

We reflected on one of South Africa’s most significant challenges and developed a solution inspired by human insight. We refused to accept the notion that saving is hard. So, we took a deep dive to understand the factors that made saving hard and built an innovative product that removes all the friction.

We remain committed to remove challenges hindering financial inclusion through technological innovation coupled with strategic collaborations to unleash the value of banking and savings for everyone. Digital solutions such as Momentum Money provide easy access to saving with banking capability and potential to earn compelling interest rates. Our solution is driven by three key motivators.


After speaking to many of our clients, one of the leading frictions to saving is access to their money. Nobody can anticipate what tomorrow holds. Emergencies tend to arise when you least expect them. Many savings products have notice periods and penalize clients that want to access their money immediately. What would stop you from saving if you had instant access to your money?


Of course! We appreciate that access is not the only factor that makes saving hard for many South Africans. Penalizing clients for needing to access their money seemed counterproductive. However, it is also essential to offer our clients compelling returns on their savings without having to do backflips. What if you could earn a high interest rate no matter how much you choose to save? Giving clients the freedom to save what they can, when they want to and spend what they need, when needed.


Firstly, time is your best friend when it comes to saving. Momentum Money strips away all the admin, allowing you to get started in a few simple steps, saving our clients time. Time is money. Secondly, prime-linked interest rates are more volatile over time. Our most significant innovation is providing returns that stand the test of time by investing our clients’ funds in the Momentum Money Market Fund. One of South Africa’s best-performing money market funds. This provides more stability for our clients as they are not subjected to the ebbs and flows of the ever-changing prime interest rate.

Lastly, knowing how fees eat away at returns over time, we deliver compelling returns at the lowest cost. With Momentum Money, you do not need to worry about paying monthly account fees. We charge a minimal admin fee of between 1% and 1.4%. The higher your balance, the lower the fee.

As we continue to innovate, our greatest motivation is to make saving easier for South Africans. Our vision is to become our clients’ number one enabler of success. No matter what success means to you. Whether it is being able to pay for your kid’s tuition, a deposit towards your dream car, a weekend getaway or simply having a few extra bucks for emergencies, we aim to make that possible by removing the friction that stands in the way.

To us, it is not just saving. It is an A.R.T. We look forward to continuing painting the masterpiece that is Momentum Money with you.