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Aug/Sept/Oct 2022

The FPI value proposition for financial advisors

The FPI’s professional and high standards will ensure that your knowledge and skills are always up to date through our free CPD programme and events.

Planning for a life to 100 and beyond

Over the past century, global life expectancy has increased by more than 25 years and continues to increase

For better client outcomes, focus on the investor not the investments

Unless we make our money story conscious and understand the nature of our relationship with money fully, we run the risk of not living fully and making sub-optimal choices about money and life.
Two pot retirement saving system

Unpacking government’s proposal of a two-pot retirement saving system

The retirement industry has indicated several concerns on the large sudden outflows from retirement funds should a large number of individuals decide to make use of the immediate access to their retirement savings all at once upon implementation date.
Investment Strategy

Where do we stand now?

World stock markets have had their worst start to a year since 1939 says, Hannes Viljoen, CFA, CFP®, CEO and Head of Investments, Kudala Wealth.

Unleashing the financial potential of time saved

For financial advisors to effectively be able to support and advise their clients’ investment decisions, they need a comprehensive view of their clients’ current financial interests.

Capital Gains Tax is no small change

Investment portfolios are living, breathing things which require constant care and attention.

Retirement income reimagined

Momentum Investments has recently introduced enhancements that can help clients to maximise their chances of receiving a reasonable income stream, for as long as they live. Blue Chip unpacks these developments with Martin Riekert and Fareeya Adam.

Not everything that counts can be counted

There are over 600 ESG disclosure standards, which makes comparability and even accountability extremely difficult, says Vuyolwethu Nzube, ESG Analyst at Truffle Asset Management

Holistic service: technology as an enabler, culture as the core

"Your client cannot have a relationship with tech or AI – no matter how great your omnichannel support approach is." writes Georgina Smith, Head of Distribution and Sales, INN8.