Effortless meeting minutes using AI

Blue Chip spoke to Zeldeen Muller, CEO of inSite Connect and creator of AgendaWorx, about three board portal Artificial Intelligence automation tools that will help you transform your minutes process.

AI meeting minutes.

First off, what is AgendaWorx?

AgendaWorx is a cloud portal designed to automate all the tasks you need to make your life as a board member easier. Imagine having a single, secure location that isn’t cluttered with your everyday documents and emails.

What if you never again had to wonder where that important document is, what the outcome of last March’s voting poll was, whether everyone has signed the resolution or where that email you sent to David last February has gone?

Say goodbye to all that frustration. With AgendaWorx, you have one dedicated place in the cloud where you can find all your documents, sign resolutions, vote on decisions, jot down notes on agendas, chat about issues and so much more. It’s not just a searchable library; it’s also a comprehensive archive with easy access to recordings, signed documents, voting results, email logs, Section 37C files and shared documents.

And let’s not forget about compliance. The need to meet both new and old compliance protocols is crucial. Failing to do so can land you in the sort of headline news no-one wants to be a part of. With AgendaWorx, automation takes care of that, too.

Why did inSite Connect decide to include agenda and minute creation functionality into AgendaWorx?

Modern technology, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, has been helpful, but they often produce overwhelming amounts of text that secretaries must then distil into actionable minutes. AgendaWorx simplifies this by automating the creation of board packs using AI, thereby reducing the time spent on these tasks by 70%.

Zeldeen Muller, CEO, inSite Connect and Creator, AgendaWorx, Board Portals

How does AgendaWorx leverage AI to assist secretaries in creating board packs or minutes?

AgendaWorx incorporates three powerful AI-driven tools:

Firstly, we offer precise transcription services tailored to South African accents. Secondly, AI professionally rewrites these transcriptions, omitting any unnecessary chatter. If you’re handling minutes, the AI will convert your content into the past tense and rewrite it as if it were reporting on what occurred during the meeting. So, with a single click, you can transform your agenda content and meeting transcription into a professional set of minutes. Lastly, our software enables real-time collaborative editing of documents, which it then formats consistently with just one click. All these tools combine to revolutionise the process of taking minutes.

That’s impressive. Can you elaborate on how these automated features improve efficiency?

With AgendaWorx, everyone can contribute to the same agenda or set of minutes simultaneously. You can integrate content from emails, PowerPoints and reports, which in usual circumstances will be very messy. Then, with the press of a button, AgendaWorx will format your entire document according to your company’s style guide. It will fix all fonts and font sizes, justify your text, indent paragraphs and add breaks after headings.

What about document assembly?

Our one-button solution assembles all your attachments, adds them to the corresponding agenda items, numbers the pages and even creates an indexed, bookmarked PDF with clickable hyperlinks – all in a matter of seconds. If there’s a late addition, you can quickly drag and drop it into place and AgendaWorx updates everything for you.

Given concerns around data security and AI, how does AgendaWorx ensure safety?

We use the ChatGPT APIs, which are not employed by OpenAI to train its models. This means your data remains secure behind the AgendaWorx firewall.

What is next for AgendaWorx?

We’re working on features that allow boards to request and compare quotes directly within the portal. Also, we’re integrating AI to answer questions about board rules and other documents. Imagine the impact on efficiency when Zoom or Teams recordings can be automatically divided into relevant minute items, transcribed and professionally edited – all with a single button click!

There you have it – an in-depth look at how AgendaWorx, powered by AI, is setting new standards in board governance and meeting documentation.

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