Reimagining the FPI’s brand

Change is inevitable. The FPI is updating its brand to become more inclusive and accessible to all South Africans.


A very brief history of branding

Branding has been around, in some form or another, for millennia, writes Adrian Room in Brands: the New Wealth Creators, an influencing work on the topic.

“The Greeks and Romans and other large trading nations before them had various ways of promoting goods, and even services, whether they were wines, pots, metals or ointments.”

Branding, as we know it, made a quantum leap in the 20th century, causing us all to form deep relationships with brands and products. These relationships have adapted over the years from meeting brands in-store via packaging, through advertising in newspapers, radio and television and now onwards to yet more fragmented and rapid encounters through social media, the web and mobile apps.

Soon we’ll even be experiencing branding through augmented reality like that of ‘lenses’, which Google and Apple are launching in 2021.

Reimagining the FPI’s brand

Today, branding isn’t just about products on shelves, it is interwoven into the essential component of all successful businesses, organisations and even individuals.

The FPI is no exception. To herald the start of a new decade, the FPI is embarking on a drive to meet the needs of current members, future custodians of personal finance and consumers throughout Southern Africa.

In the coming months, we will be refreshing our brand logo, revitalising our look and feel and modernising the way we interact with our members. Our inclusive digital ecosystem will make it much easier for members and consumers alike to access the deep knowledge pools that reside within the FPI.

Our first big test – the digital convention

In October 2020, as our commitment to lead the way in both ethics and innovation, the FPI will be taking our convention online. For us, going digital is an opportunity to showcase the great strides we have made in giving our brand a 21st-century makeover.

The FPI will be bringing a new edge to the convention calendar by showcasing that even in disruptive times the FPI is innovative and is lean and able to adapt to ensure networking and sharing of information. International will be brought local and those ‘water cooler’ moments will be enjoyed with challengers, trendsetters and policymakers at this ground-breaking digital event.

The movement to start enriching the environment through collaboration and continuity is vital. The rebranding process is about so much more than a new communication style – it’s about redefining the responsiveness of the FPI to the needs and requirements of its members as well as to new environments burgeoning globally and staying switched on to change.

The way ahead

The FPI brand experienced by members and consumers alike will be evoked, not only ensuring that our ethics and professional values are reflected but that the journey of consumer and professional covey a more connected and demonstrative environment to all stakeholders. The FPI is evolving, and we look forward to sharing the next milestones with you in the upcoming months.

As a member organisation, we welcome your feedback on the process. We look forward to developing this new journey together and moving things forward, bringing innovation and rejuvenation to a long valued organisation.

Louis Friderichs is the Financial Planning Institute’s newly appointed Marketing Manager.