July 2020

How to truly connect with clients

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for financial planners to connect with clients differently. Learn from Kim Potgieter, Chartered Wealth Solutions, how empathy lies at the core of true client connection

Has Covid-19 changed financial planning forever?

Rob Macdonald, Fundhouse, shares insight about how the impact of the pandemic presents the challenge for financial planners to redefine their role with clients

Lessons from a decade of change in financial planning

Natasja Hart, Financial Planner of the Year 2010, looks back on a decade of change.

Reimagining the FPI’s brand

Change is inevitable. The FPI is updating its brand to become more inclusive and accessible to all South Africans.

Building Momentum in a global slowdown

Florbela Yates, Head of Momentum Investment Consulting, shares her advice on how to keep a long-term view through short-term volatility.

Blue sky investing: A different mindset

Are we overly conservative in our assessment of investment opportunities?

Amendments made to living annuities in recent months

It is now possible for retirees to amend their drawdown rate during the year for a limited period.

Where to invest for the future?

As a consequence of Covid-19, the future will look very different from what we now imagine

Innovative Wealth Management

Blue Chip interviews Nevathee Moodley, Director of STK Advisory Connect, a female- and black-owned business that provides a support service to financial planning businesses primarily around the use of technology.

The evolution of savings

Allocating a portion of your savings to 36ONE hedge funds can improve your portfolio longevity