The case for strategic corporate outsourcing

The 1990s saw organisations starting to outsource business activities, such as accounting, HR, data processing, security and maintenance to cut costs. Today, outsourcing is seen as a far more strategic tool than merely a cost-saving exercise. By Sue Beaumont


According to Globe[1] Newswire, the global business process outsourcing market is currently valued at USD245.9-billion and is expected to further grow to USD544.8-billion by 2032.

Today, it is common practice for companies, regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate, to outsource non-core functions, allowing them to focus on their niche areas to deliver better results for their clients. While outsourcing can result in improved productivity, cost savings, time savings and better use of resources, it also provides companies with the opportunity to tap into vast wells of expertise outside of their industry. According to Forbes magazine[2], one of the most powerful business tools and operational strategies that can help leaders focus their time, resources and manpower on the valuable tasks that hold up the core of the business and drive profits, is outsourcing.

Private Client Holdings, a multi-family office based in Cape Town, recently launched their Corporate Stewardship offering to support organisations across their wealth management needs, from long-term planning to routine transactions, administration and reporting. While the company has offered employee benefit, healthcare and integrated payroll services for more than two decades, their new Corporate Stewardship offering incorporates a more strategic wealth management capability to enable clients to achieve positive cash flow management and efficient working capital to drive continued growth and their bottom line.

A portrait of Andrew Ratcliffe, director at Private Client Holdings
Andrew Ratcliffe, director at Private Client Holdings

“One of our objectives is to strategically allocate an organisation’s financial resources to maximise value and take ownership of non-core functions so they can pursue their business goals,” says Andrew Ratcliffe, a director at Private Client Holdings and part of the team spearheading their new offering. A key element of their suite of solutions is outsourced treasury.“We develop a comprehensive cash management solution for an organisation and deliver superior returns by effectively managing their available cash, using it as an asset to generate additional income,” says Ratcliffe. The company partners with private banks to invest and transact on behalf of their clients.

“We ensure that working capital is available for the company’s immediate needs without compromising the organisation’s financial strength or efficiency,” adds Ratcliffe. The company’s Forex capability enables organisations to conduct foreign exchange transactions easily, quickly and at highly competitive rates.

The Corporate Stewardship solution also includes a corporate business advisory where, together with business partners, Private Client provides funding for growth by unlocking working capital tied up in stock and debtors to provide asset finance for productive, income-generating assets. Its corporate goals-based asset management capability offers a bespoke wealth planning and investment management service to ensure an organisation reaches its long-term financial objectives.

Ratcliffe believes that choosing the right outsource partner is vital. “When outsourcing any business function, the quality of the partner you choose is paramount to a successful relationship and outsourcing experience. An outsource partner must have the appropriate expertise, experience, track record and security integrity to deliver on their promise,” says Ratcliffe. Today, partnering with a reliable outsource service provider has the potential to transform the way you do business, enabling you to adapt faster, manage resources more efficiently and maximise productivity. It also, importantly, enables you to identify opportunities and possibilities and avoid the pitfalls and hidden risks that lie on the road to maximising revenue.

“With the PCH Corporate Stewardship offering, you can consider us your personal Chief Financial Officer, a trusted partner nurturing your organisation so it can thrive and prosper,” says Ratcliffe.

Contact Andrew Ratcliffe,, to see how Private Client Holdings’ innovative approach to Corporate Stewardship can help grow your organisation’s long-term wealth.

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