It is the team that wins the tournament

What is the role of a financial advisor, if not some form of a financial coach for their clients, writes Darren Burns, Graviton.

Darren Burns, Head: Business Development, Graviton
Darren Burns, Head: Business Development, Graviton

There’s no “I” in a team. Teamwork makes the dream work. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). There is no shortage of clichés around why being part of a team is better than trudging forward alone. I was reminded of this in the second release of the very popular Chasing the Sun.

For those unfamiliar with this docuseries, it focuses on the Springbok rugby team’s journey to claim their fourth World Cup title in France in 2023. More importantly, it gives couch coaches an inside perspective of the meticulous and intense planning and training that goes into facing each upcoming challenge.

When the coach and player are on the same team, the greater goal will be within reach.

What position do you play in the field of investments?

Finance and sport, for most individuals, do not go hand in hand, if looked at from a slightly unfamiliar perspective, there are far more similarities than meets the eye. What is the role of a financial advisor, if not some form of a financial coach for their clients, keeping track of the latest rules and regulations, playing conditions and executing a winning formula? The players, or in this case the clients, need to be able to stick to the game plan and not deviate from the intended strategy.

For investors, saving towards retirement can be likened to training. Not one of the Springboks arrived at the World Cup without training or experience, and managed to hold up the trophy when the dust had settled. It took them years of hard work and discipline to reach that point. There was no overnight success.

Investors need to treat their future in the same way. It takes a long-term vision and years of disciplined saving to eventually reap the rewards of a successful financial future; however, the coach’s role in guiding them along the way and ensuring they stay on the correct path is fundamental to this success. There will be difficulties, key players get injured, tax laws change and you may lose a game. Markets crash, but, if the coach and player are on the same team, the greater goal will still be within reach.

Key support to cover our blind sides

Just like coaches, financial advisors benefit massively from critical support structures. There are specialists in their fields providing insight and solutions so that wealth managers can sidestep distractions, ensuring their full, undivided attention is on their clients.

Big teams employ video analysts, law advisors, strategy experts, talent scouts and assistant coaches. In the same way, financial advisors should be able to rely on the latest systems and technology, compliance and legal experts, investment solutions, fund managers, new client lead providers and most importantly, a succession plan to ensure that their clients are never without support.

Choose your team with the final in mind

Advisor networks, Graviton being an example, provide these types of specialised support. The financial industry is an increasingly complex field to navigate and being part of a team ensures continued alignment across various areas. Financial advisors, wealth managers and financial planners need to be supported from start to finish and empowered to grow while always maintaining their unique, personal look and feel –just ask Kwagga. Clients expect the best level of service for their investments, and most importantly, being part of a winning team allows investors to receive the undivided attention of their leader and the absolute best financial advice for their unique financial journey.