Impressive returns

Hedge funds shine at gala awards ceremony.

February 20, 2020 - HedgeNewsAfrica Symposium & Gala Awards Dinner, Vineyard Hotel Nelwands, Cape Town. Photo by David Harrison

The HedgeNews Africa Awards 2019 took place at a gala dinner at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town on 20 February.

The Fund of the Year trophy went to the Fairtree Assegai Equity Long Short SNN QI Hedge Fund. Managed by Stephen Brown, the fund generated a return of 45.49% on a Sharpe ratio of 1.9. In the category of best performance over five years, Fairtree Assegai also was dual winner, with an annualised return of 20.25% and a Sharpe ratio of 0.77. The award was shared with the Acumen AcuityOne SNN Retail Hedge Fund, with an annualised return of 13.94% and a Sharpe ratio of 1.04.

The Anchor Accelerator SNN QI Hedge Fund won in the long/short equity category. Managed by Damon Hoff and Liam Hechter, the fund achieved a return of 31.42% and a Sharpe ratio of 2.57. Winner in the market-neutral and quantitative category, the X-Chequer SNN Diplo QI Hedge Fund, managed by Werner and Eugene Prinsloo, made a return of 18.04% and a Sharpe ratio of 1.73.

Among fixed income funds, the Southchester Smart Escalator Prescient QI Hedge Fund’s 12.43% gain on a Sharpe ratio of 2.61 made it the top fixed income fund for the second year in a row. A gain of 25.15% and Sharpe ratio of 1.98 saw the Fairtree Wild Fig Multi Strategy SNN QI Hedge Fund win the multi-strategy category. The New Fund of the Year award went to the Trinomial RCIS Vega QI Hedge Fund. Managed by Dr Linda Smith, Trinomial impressed with a return of 11.07% and a Sharpe ratio of 2.35.

“South African hedge funds have again shown their ability to generate strong risk-adjusted returns in varying market conditions, making them worthy of investor attention in an environment of heightened risks,” commented Gwyneth Roberts, the publisher of HedgeNews Africa. 

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