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April 2020

The future of wealth in South Africa

The ideal future client is a black millennial woman.

Deploying technology in business

Many financial advisory firms are still paper-driven and non-automated, and are working with poor-quality data and fragmented systems.

Prepare for the decade to come

Future-proofing FPI by putting members first.

Client before compliance

How to future-proof in the new regulatory environment.

Leading clients to better decisions

How to future-proof your business by integrating tech into the advice process.

Investors get the jitters

Economic impact of COVID-19.

Diligent evaluation

How to get the most out of your relationship with your DFM.

Invest globally, locally

Satrix offers a wealth of offshore investment options.

A very good year

Platinum Portfolios Global shows why it deserves its Raging Bull.

Leverage the hedge

South African equity hedge funds have consistently outperformed equity funds over the last three to five years, so why don’t more financial advisors allocate...