Social media in financial planning

A practical guide for professionals

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Kobus Kleyn, CFP®, Tax and Fiduciary Practitioner, Kainos Wealth
Kobus Kleyn has published over 200 articles and authored four books. He is a multiple award-winning professional and holds eight memberships with professional associations. His most recent awards were lifetime achievements awards from the FPI (Harry Brews), The Million Dollar Round Table (Top of the Table Life Membership) and Liberty Group (Life Membership) in 2021/22.

As a Senior Certified Financial Planner and an author well-versed in personal branding, I have come to appreciate the significant role social media plays in our profession. My experiences and insights, particularly those shared in Accelerate Your Brand, have underscored the value of these platforms in enhancing client relationships and professional growth. Let me share some practical perspectives on harnessing social media effectively in our field.

The balanced approach to social media

Social media offers us an unparalleled platform for sharing our expertise and insights. However, it’s crucial to navigate this space with a sense of balance. While we strive to be informative and engaging, we must always remain within the bounds of professional conduct and regulatory compliance. Every shared insight must align with the high standards of our profession.

Education via digital channels

The most rewarding aspect of social media is the opportunity to educate. By simplifying complex financial concepts and sharing informed insights, we significantly contribute to enhancing financial literacy. This effort cements our reputation as knowledgeable advisors and fosters a deeper understanding among our clients, which is essential for building long-lasting relationships.

Crafting a professional online presence

In our profession, a strong personal brand is essential. Social media is a tool that, when used wisely, can enhance our professional visibility. The key is to engage with our audience in a way that reflects our commitment to our profession. Every post and interaction should add tangible value, strengthening our professional standing and providing genuine benefit to our audience.

Keeping up with changes and innovations

Our profession is constantly adapting to new technologies, regulatory changes and market shifts. Social media often serves as the frontline for such developments. Active participation in these digital conversations keeps us informed and prepared, allowing us to adapt our strategies and advice to reflect the latest trends and regulations.

Utilising social media for client engagement

Engaging with clients on social media goes beyond posting regular updates; it involves active listening and interaction. Responding to comments, addressing concerns and participating in relevant discussions can significantly enhance client engagement. This approach not only demonstrates our commitment to our clients but also helps in understanding their evolving needs and expectations.

Transparency and consistency

Trust is the cornerstone of our profession, and social media can be a powerful tool in building and maintaining this trust. Consistent, transparent communication that reflects our professional ethics and values can go a long way in solidifying client trust. It’s about creating a digital presence that clients can rely on for accurate, helpful information.

Challenges and responsibilities

While social media offers numerous advantages, it also poses certain challenges, particularly regarding information accuracy and privacy concerns. As professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that the information we share is accurate, and up-to-date and in no way compromises client confidentiality or privacy.


In conclusion, social media, when navigated with care and professionalism, can be a potent tool for financial planners. It offers us a platform to educate, engage and evolve with the changing landscape of our profession.

As we harness its potential, let us remain committed to the principles of integrity and excellence that define our work. By embracing social media thoughtfully, we can enhance our client relationships and professional growth and also contribute positively to the broader financial community.

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