Retirement Planning – Round Table Discussion

Join us for an exclusive round table discussion with four of the country’s top investment and financial planning professionals, focused on retirement planning and guiding clients to financial independence.

Three ways in which the energy industry must change and what this could mean for investors

Mark Lacey, Head of Global Resource Equities at Schroders, examines three ways in which the energy industry has to evolve in order for the energy transition to materialise, and how equity investors could benefit.

Investment Moments with Momentum Investments

Investment Moments Podcast
We discuss all things investments with financial experts to present you with insights that you can discuss with your clients to help them achieve their goals.

meet our thought leaders

Warren Ingram, CFP® is the co-founder of Galileo Capital and author of Global Investing Made Easy.

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How ESG missteps impact future performance

Research supports the view that companies that neglect stakeholders pose greater risks to investors. In this article, Katherine Davidson, Portfolio Manager and Global Sector Specialist at Schroders, expounds on the research and emphasises why 'corporate karma' is crucial for your investment returns.

Investing without a crystal ball

The main purpose of investing is to take advantage of differences between market participants’ expectations and underlying economic activity says, Leon Michaelides, Equity Portfolio Manager, Matrix Fund Managers.

How advisors are benefitting from partnering with a DFM

A growing number of financial advisors in South Africa are starting to use discretionary fund managers to help them manage their clients’ funds in the complex world of fund management, says Methula Sikakana, Business Development Manager, Equilibrium

in the spotlight

Johannesburg, 14 November 2023 – The Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) recently hosted its highly anticipated annual Gala Awards evening, a prestigious event recognising excellence in the financial planning industry. The culmination of the evening saw Lara Warburton, CFP®, emerge as the distinguished recipient of the FPI Financial Planner of the Year award.


If South Africa is to thrive, says CHIETA CEO Yershen Pillay, it must create a skills-based curriculum